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Why Are Most Business Blogs Lamer Than A Two-Legged Dog?

Because at least a two-legged dog makes noise as it drags its butt across the carpet.

You think I'm joking?

I'm dead serious.

Noise is the difference.

Most business blogs simply don't generate much noise, either by themselves or with the aid of their readers.

How many corporate blogs - official company blogs - do you read regularly?

If your answer is greater than 5, congratulations. You're a rare (ahem) breed.

Long gone are the days when you could make heads turn just by saying, "We've got a business blog." That's so far past jumping the shark it's not funny. It's like pouring a gallon of meh all over yourself.

Why are most company blogs stuck in the land of the lame?

1. They don't know how to get up and make noise. OR ...

2. They don't want to. OR ...

3. They just don't care.

How to cure corporate blog lameness:

1. Start caring about making your blog a noisemaker instead of a sleeping pill.

2. Learn how to make noise in the right places.

Next week I'll tell you how to get any business blog off its lame butt, grow two more legs and lumber out the door, barking up a storm throughout the whole neighborhood.


What Would You Say in Your Final Blog Post?

If you could plan your final blog post ... your last one ever ...

What would you say in it?

What photos or videos would you include?

What would the post be about?

Who would you write it to?

Would it be serious or funny?

What would make the perfect "parting post?"

And no, this ain't mine. :)

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Blogtipping February 2008: 3 Indispensable Feeds

We're feedtipping this time around.

Chad Randall, ad sales director for b5media. Chad knows how to monetize blogs.
Skellie, freelance blogger extraordinaire. Skellie knows how to build a blog's audience.
Technorati, the excellent blog search engine. Mama Technorati knows how to look out for mentions of your name around the Web.
Copy, paste, subscribe.
By the way ...
Have I told you lately that I ... ?
I do, I do.

More to Come in the Blog Review Questions Series

Stay tuned for a post later this week all about the text that appears on your blog - fonts, sizes, colors, links, readability, etc.

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