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A Must-See Corporate Blogging Policy Resource
The New PR has a fantastic wiki on corporate blogging policy.  The about page describes the New PR Wiki as a place where anyone can find news on the evolution of public relations, work with PR professionals and others, and discuss the PR world with anyone else.  The existing links and articles alone should keep you busy for hours on end  The discussion of legal issues in blogging is highly useful and especially relevant to the mission of BusinessBlogWire.

Like any good wiki, this one lets you keep track of the recent changes made to the site.  I recommend that you use the New PR Wiki to help you hammer out your own corporate blogging policy, and that you also try to help others with theirs.
Corporate Blog Review: Fujifilm Blimp
Company Name: FujifilmBlog URL: ("Fujifilm Captains' Blog")About: Did you know that Fujifilm, the giant Japanese film and camera maker, has a company blimp?  Maybe you saw its debut at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.  (Maybe I did too,... Continue Reading
Forbes Cover Story Ignores Business Blogging Benefits
The newest Forbes cover story, "Attack of the Blogs" by Daniel Lyons, is causing a huge stir among business bloggers by portraying the blogosphere as a haven of lawless, greedy, vicious liars and gossipers.  If you have a corporate blog... Continue Reading
Professional Blog Copyright Tips
At her guide to blogging, Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins offers basic copyright advice and a few great links to help you understand the legal issues surrounding blogging and copyright.  This is a good resource for businesss bloggers.  (Sheila also... Continue Reading
Business Blog Tool: The Conversation Gapper
The insightful Niall Cook from Hill & Knowlton has created a fantastic resource for business bloggers.  It's basically a search tool that you can use to see how many people are talking about your industry without talking about your business,... Continue Reading
Corporate Blogging: Big Brother's Not Smiling
A recent BusinessWeek article introduces "Mini-Microsoft," an anonymous MS employee (let's hope it's not Mr. Gates) whose blog has caused a tremendous stir in the corporate blogging world and provided news fodder for big Web publishers like CNET.  I'd like to... Continue Reading
Business Blog Tips of the Week
Without further ado, here are my business blogging tips for this week:1.  Know your limits.  Think about how much time and money you can afford to invest in your business blog.  If you're going to hire someone to maintain your... Continue Reading
How should a corporate blog respond to negative publicity?
Let's say you own a doughnut store chain.  You've started a company blog and things are going just peachy (doughy?).  The doughnut business blog lets people learn about your doughnuts, find company news, and offer suggestions.  But one day, someone... Continue Reading
Corporate Blogging Policy Revisited: Four Commandments
At, rtippins has added to my brief analysis of the benefits of having a solid corporate blogging policy.  (I wish I knew his/her name; the blog doesn't appear to mention it.)  Says rtippins, "It's not difficult to draft a... Continue Reading
Great Corporate Blogging Policy: Sun Microsystems
Folks, I just mentioned the great employee blogger policy at Hill and Knowlton's corporate blogging community website.  I can't let today pass without mentioning another exemplary business blog policy: that of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  This is another big business that... Continue Reading
Corporate Blog Review: Hill and Knowlton
Here it is, my first "big business" blog review! Company Name: Hill and Knowlton Blog URL: ("Collective Conversation") About: This large U.S. public relations (PR) firm has been in business since 1927 and now forms part of the WPP... Continue Reading
Business Blogging News for Oct. 24, 2005
In the news today, we have several items of business blogging interest:Not Your Momma's Blog Network: Pajamas Media officially launched today.  CNET's announcement is interesting, but I wish I knew exactly what the new network will blog about.  Keep an... Continue Reading
Small Business Blog Review: Strategic Name Development
Company Name: Strategic Name DevelopmentBlog URL: A consulting company that specializes in the naming of business products, services and companies.  They can come up with great brand names for you, and they can also analyze the brand names you... Continue Reading
Small Business Blog Review: Stone Creek Coffee
Company Name: Stone Creek CoffeeBlog URL: Founded in 1993, Stone Creek Coffee is a specialty "roaster and retailer" with nine coffee stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.Content: Usually updated one or twice a week - perhaps about right for... Continue Reading
Small Business Blog Spotlight
Paul Chaney over at AllBusiness has started a small business blogging project similar to my Small Blist meme.  He plans to highlight one small biz blog each week for the next year.  I recommend that we all keep an eye... Continue Reading
Business Blogging News Roundup
Tonight's news roundup is a little helter-skelter - but such is the mushrooming biz blogosphere.  Here are the facts:iUpload has published a corporate blogging survey (free download) indicating that the biz blogosphere is growing amazingly fast.  I think the survey... Continue Reading
Where to Find Business Blogging News
Why,, of course!  Okay, so I just started this blog about a hundred hours ago.  It'll grow, trust me.  In the meantime, let me show you the five best bizlogging news resources I know.  I read 'em daily and... Continue Reading
A Business Blogging Meme For All of Us
Thank you for being here.  I'd like to propose a meme.Let's make a small business blog list together.  By small business, I mean a company with less than 100 employees.  By blog, I mean entries (in reverse chronological order) by... Continue Reading
Business Blog Theory 101: The Power of Collaborative Communication
Welcome to class!I am not the teacher.  I am the leader or moderator of the discussion.You are not the student.  You are my guest and a participant in all we discuss.An excellent business blog, whether an official corporate blog, an... Continue Reading
Business Blog Tips of the Week
As promised earlier today, here are BusinessBlogWire's Bizblog Tips of the Week.  Drumroll, please!  (Note: I find "Bizblog Tips of the Week" a somewhat anemic - translation lame-o - title.  Any suggestions?)Know your legal rights.  I've talked about the Electronic... Continue Reading
The Blogosphere Bulges - Bizloggers Beware
The Dish: Dave Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, has published some fascinating numbers about the explosive growth of the blogosphere ("State of the Blogosphere, October 2005").  (Read the presentation in PowerPoint.)  All business bloggers should pay close attention to... Continue Reading
Reasons For A Business Not To Have A Public Blog
Business as usual is over.  Companies everywhere are rapidly awakening to the two-way conversational power of blogging.  Making a blog is a fast, easy and extremely cheap (or free) process.  And maintaining a corporate blog usually requires very little effort... Continue Reading
Sprint Employee Blog Aids Customer Service
Steve Rubel calls attention to an interesting comment exchange that occurred last month on Vicki Warker's blog for Sprint (whose new blog area, "Things That Make You Go Wireless," is picking up speed as it nears its three-month birthday).  As... Continue Reading
What Is A Business Blog?
"Business blog" can refer to at least four kinds of blogs:1. Official corporate blogs for big businesses like Microsoft or Cisco2. Official company blogs for small businesses like Clip-n-Seal or the old candy store down the street 3. Work-related blogs... Continue Reading
Welcome to Business Blog Wire!
I'm glad you're here.  Here are the ten best reasons to visit this corporate blog news and information website: 1. Learn what business blogging is.2. Catch the latest news on business blogging.3. Find reviews of corporate blogs.4. Find out how... Continue Reading
Business Blog Wire Technorati Profile
See my Technorati Profile... Continue Reading

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