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Yahoo RSS Email Folder Can Help Business Bloggers
Starting today, Yahoo! is beta testing a new RSS email folder in Yahoo! Mail. The RSS folder makes it easier for Web users to follow updated information on Web sites they specify.

Why does this matter to business bloggers? I can think of a few reasons:

1. More of your potential blog subscribers will be using feeds in their Yahoo! Mail. If you haven't syndicated your blog yet, do it now! Herman Drost at iSiteBuild offers a good little guide to RSS.

2. You can use Yahoo's RSS reader in conjunction with your Yahoo email to find the news you want.  This can help fuel thought for posts at your business blog.  You'll have an edge over the poor souls still stuck in the "Web 1.0" practice of browsing for news.

3. Talk about this news on your corporate blog or individual professional blog.  Your readers will thank you for the scoop on Yahoo! Mail's new feed capabilities.

Other Resources:
  • TechCrunch offers a great article and discussion on Yahoo!'s new RSS folder.
  • Read/WriteWeb points out the advantage this development gives Yahoo! over Google, whose own RSS efforts (Google Reader, Google News, etc.) are being overshadowed.
  • Podtech has a great podcast and transcript of a discussion with two Yahoo! workers who have been directly involved with the Yahoo!'s RSS developments.
P.S.  If you're looking for a concrete example of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), see my guide on how to subscribe to Business Blog Wire feeds.
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Check out this neat little API by Dane CarlsonJust type in your blog's URL and see how much it's "worth."  The calculations are based on ...
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Yahoo! News Includes Blogs
Did you know that you can use Yahoo! News to enhance the visibility of your business blog and find information and news from other blogs?

Go to Yahoo! News, click on the "Tech" tab along the top, and scroll down until you see "Blogs."  It's not the most flashy place to find the news from blogs, but it's a marked improvement from the way Yahoo did things a few months ago.

Now notice the ...
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Technorati Front Page Can Feature Your Blog
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Stop the Presses!
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Nov 9
When Employee Bloggers Get Fired: SimplyFired.com
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Nov 8
Who Knows About Your Business Blog?
Here are three simple (and free!) ways to find out how much Web exposure your corporate blog or professional blog currently enjoys: 1. Marketleap.com offers a free link popularity checker, a free search engine saturation tool, and even a free... Continue Reading
Nov 7
Corporate Blogging News: DigitalGrit Service
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Business Blogging News: Blog Herald Joins b5media
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Nov 4
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Company Name: Denali Flavors Inc. (Yahoo! Finance profile)Blog URL: http://www.denaliflavors.com/ ("Denali Flavors")About: Denali Flavors, maker of 30-plus dairy food flavors (especially famous for its Moose Tracks ice cream), started this corporate blog in April 2005. Content: You can expect a... Continue Reading

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