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Technorati Front Page Can Feature Your Blog
Here's how you can enjoy a few minutes of fame on the famous Technorati.com front page (like me):

1.  Have a great blog.  Sorry, it takes some time and effort.
2.  Visit Technorati.com.  Underneath the search box on the right-hand side, click on "Add your blog!"
3.  You'll arrive at the Blog Finder help page.  The instructions are simple: Sign up for a free Technorati account, then claim your blog and add a few tags and a nice little description.
4.  Sit back and watch the blogosphere cameras roll!  You should soon see your blog under the "Featured Bloggers" heading at the Technorati Blog Finder main page.  And maybe it will be included in the rotation on the Technorati main page itself!
5.  PC users, hit F11 for full screen browsing, then hit the "Print Screen" key.  Capture that beast!
6.  Paste it into a graphics editor, save the pic and post it on your blog for all to admire.  (Here's my screenshot.)  (Okay, have another.)
7.  Humble yourself.  Anybody can do it.  You just happened upon this gem.

Hopefully this will help boost traffic to your business blog!

Update - July 20, 2006: This post is now featured at Technorati's "how to" links page.  That's what I get for writing about Technorati!

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Who do I talk to about technorati recommending my blog? I left information below. Thank you- Raven


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Raven, I helped you a while back. If you need any more help here, let me know.

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