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Dec 5
Blog Network List 2.0 Up and Running
A new and much-improved version of the popular Blog Network List is now up on the Web. I enjoyed being a beta tester for the List and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the many blog networks now strewn about the blogosphere.  You'll find a complete list (well, as complete as they get) of blog networks, top blog rankings (speaking only of blogs belonging to networks), and even top network rankings.  Mess around with the data any way you want.

Take the stats page for the Know More Media business blog network, for example. Beauty, eh? The only thing I'd like to correct is that Know More Media is currently listed as having six blogs.  The truth is, we have nine active blogs and 28 looking for authors, for a total of 37.  Nine is probably the best number to go with for now.  Of course, it's not the size or rank of the blog network that matters - it's the quality and relevance of the content. According to Darren Rowse at Problogger.net, the new Blog Network List is currently tracking 58 networks and 1,140 blogs.  (He counts fast.)

See the official announcement at Blog Network Watch.  (Or you can look at it BlogMedia's site - same thing.  I guess every bit of exposure helps.)  There, Matt, the main brain behind the new list, admits, "Because the system is new - and all of the data was manually entered by my minions and I, it's entirely possible that you'll find some errors along the way."

Luis Escalante complains - and rightly so, in my opinion - that the calculated "worth" of the various blog networks is problematic at best (he calls it "pretty pointless").  I've blogged about that before - see "How Much Is Your Blog Network Worth?" and "Blog Network Values, Part II". At the Blog Network List FAQ, you'll read that "the numbers are based on a valuation of the Weblogs, Inc. acquisition by AOL. We don't put much weight in it, but it's fun to play with."  Fair enough.

My favorite stat is the "Average Technorati Blogs Linking," because it provides such a good barometer for the popularity of the network.  I'm not sure how internal links within a blog network affect its rankings, though - I've noticed that being a member of a blog network boosts Business Blog Wire's Technorati ranking somewhat, for example.

Bottom Line: If you're looking to start or improve a blog network, I highly recommend Blog Network List and Blog Network Watch as good news information resources.

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Hey Easton,

Thanks for the kind words and great review. I appreciate all of the feedback during the beta phase.

More to come!

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