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Dec 7
Blogging Tool Review: Squidoo
I received an email today from Heath Row, Senior Director of Community Development at Squidoo.com, which is now open for public beta use.  This project by Seth Godin proposes to create a network sort of like About.com, but with less advertising and only one page per subject.  The email gave me recommendations such as, "Post a lens to your blog" and "Tell your mom."  They obviously want us to blog about them and spread the word (and by doing so, I'm proving their marketing skills, I suppose.)

The idea of building my own lens - about business blogging, of course! - is appealing, but I'd rather focus my blogging time and energy on what I have right here - and on discussing things with you.  Michael Pollock at Small Business Branding has the same problem with Squidoo as I do - "it seems like a waste of time and energy," as he says, considering the importance of posting to, improving and publicizing the blogs we already have.

However, I believe Squidoo might just spark more conversation about collaborative communication and get a whole lot of otherwise Web-wary folks into blogging - well, in this case, "lensing" for money.  So, business bloggers, keep an eye on the gazing eye of Squidoo.  So far, it counts 4,280 lenses and $64.45 earned (by its lensers, I presume).  Personally, I'd like it succeed, so that we all can have another good source of distilled information to guide us around the Web and the world.

Have you tried Squidooing?  Any thoughts for the rest of us?  Feel free to share.

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Easton, as we know that with most of the contents on Squidoo, it won't be original. It will be more of links, pointers and such other material. Now it also relies on Technorati tags for tagging purposes, why should I just not go to Technorati? And making Squidoo's does not really make any body an expert on the topic then any other person who blogs well at that topic and can be found from Technorati and del.icio.us tags.

I think more better could have been done on explaining us giving examples why we would really use Squidoo.


I had been invited to do a beta lens for squidoo. It was fun to go through but I haven't been back since (What does that say?)

When we built FreeServers, we allowed a similiar concept - a template that allowed people to post their own content, photos, and links. We did not have RSS feeds, which is an improvement. We saw some become power users, but most created their site and then only visited occassionally.

My Squidoo is (of course) about Microcredit.

Tejas and Tim, thanks for the comments. I admit that I'm not really sure why people would use Squidoo other than as an About.com sort of basic guide to different subjects. (Well, some will probably try to make a living by publishing a bazillion popular lenses ... what's next, lens networks?) I hope spam lenses (splenses?) don't clog it.

Personally, I'd like to use Squidoo to help me find links and information about business blogging, for one thing. I'll study it some more and hopefully post soon about some examples of how businesses can use Squidoo or a similar service.

Tim, nice microcredit lens. I'm glad you snatched up the Microcredit name before anyone else got to it. That's probably another problem with Squidoo - lens names are first-come, first-served and someone might go in and grab up a bunch of lens names just to make life harder for others.

Anyway, here are two relevant Squidoo lens tags I found this morning: Business Blogging, Blogging. I hope those links help you all to locate good information about blogging through Squidoo.

Just a note to say that I've got a lens up at Squidoo about business blogging. Just playing around with things there. So far, I like the eye-candy look of the interface, and how simple editing my lens is. But I still don't know what to do with it :). Any ideas? Anybody else got a good lens to share?

Just a quick update: I checked the main page of Squidoo and it currently shows "12,344 Lenses Made // $2,374.00 Generated." Doesn't sound like they're doing that great - especially when you consider how dusty a lot of their lenses are. I'd personally like to see Squidoo have more success ... but it seems to me like people just aren't catching on to it that quickly. Am I wrong? Why the slow growth?

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