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New Podcasting, Videoblogging Research Findings
I thought I'd close out the year 2005 with a heads-up on some new research on the cutting-edge business blogging tools we know as podcasting and videocasting (or vidcasting, vodcasting, videoblogging, whatever).  The research findings at Peter Chen's website begin with an abstract that says, "Based on a survey of 366 podcasters and videobloggers, this paper examines [podcasting and vodcasting] from aspect of production, with specific interest in producer motivations, production methods, the relationship between formats, and audience numbers."

I recommend that you take the time to look at the survey findings.  The conclusion invites further research into non-English language Web audio and video syndication, as well as studies on the different types of shows or audio/video posts being published.  Basically, the study shows that podcasting and vodcasting are rapidly being adopted by businesses and individuals as new means of disseminating information.  But the picture isn't very complete; we still don't know a lot about how businesses are using these technologies - I'm talking about the overall perspective.

In 2006, I hope to see many more interesting audio/videocasts about business blogging in its varied forms.  I also hope to get to know you better.  Please join me in the continuing conversation about business blog news, developments, tools, practices and techniques.
BlogPulse: Bloggers Rely On Mainstream Media Sources
The BlogPulse 2005 Year in Review report includes a list of the top media sources referenced in blogs.  BlogPulse compiled this data by counting the number of times bloggers linked to different media sources throughout 2005.  Here are the top... Continue Reading
5 New Year's Resolutions For Business Blogs
It's almost 2006, so here are five New Year's resolutions you should consider for your corporate blog or business blog (or listen if your eyes are tired):1. I will spend no more than 30 minutes writing each blog post.  Harder... Continue Reading
Even NASA is Now Podcasting
Yes, folks, NASA now offers podcasts galore.  The main NASA podcasting page offers a simple explanation of podcasts for the non-bloggers out there, and offers several downloading and listening options.  You can easily immerse yourself in NASA's rich library of... Continue Reading
Merry Christmas To All Business Bloggers
Christmas Day is almost here in the United States, and of course now in full swing in much of the world.  I won't be working until Tuesday the 27th, so I wanted to drop a note here saying MERRY CHRISTMAS... Continue Reading
How IBM Uses Corporate Blogging
On Tuesday, I found a great article by Selena Maranjian about IBM's use of corporate blogging. The article, "IBM in the Blogosphere," is online at the Motley Fool (subscription required) and at Yahoo! News (free).Maranjian introduces the topic of corporate... Continue Reading
Blogging, RSS Force Changes In Marketing
Jeremiah Owyang has an interesting post up about things he learned at the recent Syndication Conference in San Francisco, California.  In his post, Jeremiah lists several ways in which the Internet, blogs and RSS feeds are forcing changes in public... Continue Reading
Enhance Your Posts With Free Stock Photos
In the coming days I will be testing out Stock.Xchng, a popular stock photography site, to see if it can spice up my blog without taking too much of my time.  I've been looking for a way to put free photos... Continue Reading
Philadelphia Inquirer: Blogs Quickly Became Popular
In a December 20 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daniel Rubin highlights blogging's speedy rise in popularity.  The points that interest me most as a business blogger: In 2004, "blog" was Merriam-Webster's word of the year. A recent study says... Continue Reading
Technorati Rolls Out New Search Features
Hey, business bloggers: the best blog search engine just got a little better.  The Technorati weblog describes various improvements, including search popularity charts, tag clouds for user profiles, searching within tags, and more.  I prefer Technorati to other blog search... Continue Reading
3 Tips For Balanced Business Blogging
Today was a special day in my family, and I was unable to work much.  But of course I had a better time being with loved ones than I could just by working.  Before I go to bed tonight, I... Continue Reading
Problogger: 18 Lessons from 3 Years of Blogging
Over at Problogger.net, Darren Rowse offers 18 pearls of blogging wisdom culled from his extensive experience.  (Three years is a long time to have been blogging, relatively speaking.)  Read all 18 yourself, and leave Darren a comment.Here's my take on... Continue Reading
Why Doesn't Honda Have an ASIMO Blog?
I know this post may sound odd, but I just want to make the point that businesses could do so much more in the way of blogging.  (And it's Friday night again.)What if Honda had a blog about the development... Continue Reading
Business Podcasting Resource: SmallBizPod
I don't know much about podcasting.  I want to learn more.Something has gotten me more excited to learn about podcasting (publishing audio files for download or online listening) and how it can enhance business blogs.  I found out this morning... Continue Reading
RSS Feed Ads Excel, Says Study
A recent ClickZ News article by Pamela Parker reports on the surprising success of RSS ads that appear as standalone feed items or "posts."  According to a study by Pheedo, a popular RSS advertiser, the average click-through rate (CTR) of... Continue Reading
69 Business Blogging Tips (and Counting)
I found some excellent corporate blogging tips today at Jeremiah the Web Strategist's blog.  He's made a list of 69 tips so far, and he apparently plans to expand and reorganize the list for easier digestion.I'd like to comment here... Continue Reading
Know More Media Business Blog Network Just Launched
Folks, this is a conversation about business blogging, so I feel right about sharing with you some news about my own blogging company (mine because I belong to it, but not vice versa).Know More Media, a new business blog network,... Continue Reading
Alexa Traffic Rankings Include Hosted Blogs
If you are trying to make a business blog work at a free blog hosting service like BlogSpot or LiveJournal, my hat goes off to you (I've tried it - it's not easy).  But whether you want to keep that... Continue Reading
Movable Type Marks Yahoo As Preferred Provider
Reuters's Eric Auchard reports that Yahoo! will now be the "preferred provider" of Movable Type (the highly popular blogging software) for small businesses.  So one of the largest Web companies has now teamed up with one of the most prominent... Continue Reading
IceRocket Official Blog Now Online
IceRocket, one of the Web's foremost blog search engines, now has an official blog.  I highly receommend its RSS feed to all you business bloggers out there; you ought to keep constant tabs on every big blog-related entity out there.So... Continue Reading
Business Blogs Watch As Yahoo! Buys Delicious
Whenever I think of a possible post topic, I worry about the question, "So what?"  Especially, "So what for business blogging and business bloggers?"  Such preoccupation helps me, I think, to talk about news that's especially relevant to people who... Continue Reading
Technorati Improves Ping Service
Niall Kennedy over at the Technorati Weblog posted yesterday about a nifty update to Technorati's pinging service.  The post is short and sweet, saying that Technorati now enables logged-in members (an account is free) to ping Technorati (that is, notify... Continue Reading
Dec 9
Review: 100 Pages of Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright
Here are my thoughts on the first hundred pages or so of Jeremy Wright's new book, Blog Marketing (read my earlier thoughts on the book): - The biggest impression so far is that this book will be of greatest benefit to... Continue Reading
Dec 8
Les Blogs Blogging Conference Review
Here are some quick thoughts and links regarding the Les Blogs conference on blogging held in Paris, France on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 5-6, 2005.  I apologize for the lack of organization. Blogging 4 Business has a whole slew of... Continue Reading
Dec 7
Blogging Tool Review: Squidoo
I received an email today from Heath Row, Senior Director of Community Development at Squidoo.com, which is now open for public beta use.  This project by Seth Godin proposes to create a network sort of like About.com, but with less... Continue Reading
Dec 6
Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright - First Look
Tonight I checked the mail when I got home and lo and behold, a book had come from Amazon.  It was Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright of Ensight.org and b5media fame.  I'm sure the book will be well worth the... Continue Reading
Are Blogging Awards Good or Evil?
Earlier today, I offered a few comments at Paul Chaney’s post wherein he questions the reliability of blogging award programs (he particularly mentions his disapproval of the 2005 Weblog Awards). His main reasons for disliking blog awards: 1. Readers typically... Continue Reading
Dec 5
Blog Network List 2.0 Up and Running
A new and much-improved version of the popular Blog Network List is now up on the Web. I enjoyed being a beta tester for the List and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the many blog networks... Continue Reading
Dec 3
2005 Weblog Awards to Announce Finalists
The 2005 Weblog Awards will announce finalists in several different blog categories on Sunday, December 4, 2005 (tomorrow).  Each blogging category will have 15 finalists, having selected them from approximately 3000 total nominees.  The winners will be announced later this... Continue Reading
Dec 2
Why Corporate Blogs Should Be Like Pandora
Here are five reasons corporate blogs should be like Pandora, an exemplary (and free) Web music player. (Can you tell it's Friday night?)1. Constantly offers new content. You'll never run out of new songs to hear at Pandora, and you... Continue Reading
links for 2005-12-02
USATODAY.com - A false Wikipedia 'biography' A caveat regarding wikis. If only there were greater accountability ... (tags: wikipedia wiki problems Web2.0) BackBeat Media Now offers a new podcast network. (tags: podcasting networks news Web2.0) Writely Forum Now you... Continue Reading
Dec 1
What Do You Think Of The BadBlog Awards?
The 2005 BadBlog Awards are here.  No, I wasn't creative enough to come up with the idea (although, like you, I've seen my share of uuuuugly blogs, both business and personal).  I thought for a moment about trying something similar at... Continue Reading
links for 2005-12-01
Pluck: What is RSS? A really simple guide to RSS (Really Simple Syndication). (tags: RSS Pluck tools howto) LES BLOGS 2 - Paris December 5-6th 2005 A bigtime blogging conference in France next Monday and Tuesday. (tags: blogging events... Continue Reading

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