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Collaborative Publishing Tool Writely Has Been Updated
Writely, an excellent (and free) online word processor and one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools, has just been updated.  That's according to the official Writely blog, a humble Blogspot offering that nonetheless provides me with lots of excitement whenever a new post appears.  (Read my review of Writely.)

You can use Writely to collaborate with business cohorts on a document without having to send a zillion emails back and forth with attachments.  It's like placing a drawing board in front of your group and handing each person a pencil - even though thousands of miles (or kilometers) may separate you.  Nifty, eh?

Some of the latest features Writely boasts include:

1. DHTML dialog boxes rather than pop-up windows.  You can move the DHTML boxes around, too.

2. Color-coded comments that you can insert while working on a document and then hide when you publish.

3. Easier navigation (better-organized toolbars).

4. Private RSS feed capability.  So a collaborator can be immediately notified when someone else edits the document.  (Just don't put the feed in a public place!)

So why bring this up in a discussion of corporate blogging?  Because business bloggers ought to know what tools they can use to save precious time and money (not to mention energy).  Also, you might want to test Writely out as a blogging tool.  That's right - you can post to your blog from Writely!  (Read more about it.)  So, for example, all the Know More Media bloggers could actually work together to polish a Writely doc and then post it to one of our business blogs!  Genius!  Good to know the potential is there for whatever you want to do.

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