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Microsoft Changes Its Blog Policy
I found two articles (here and here) at Yahoo! News reporting on a new change in the Microsoft blogging policy.  The big story is that Microsoft is finally bowing to pressure from its own employees after rashly censoring a Chinese blogger, and has edited its blog policy in response to the desires of the Chinese government.

The first article says, "Microsoft will only remove blogs when given proper legal notice, and even then, will only block access to that material within the country where it is deemed unlawful. The site will still be viewable from outside the country."

Microsoft will also tell the blog's owner why it removed the blog.

The first article goes on to say that "Microsoft's new policy is a clear response to the wide criticism the company received over the last month since it shut down the site of Chinese blogger Zhao Jing, also known as Michael Anti."

One stat that jumped out at me from the second article was that "MSN Spaces, which allows users to post journals, pictures and other content on the Internet, boasts 35 million users, including 3.3 million in China."

So the legalities of blogging are evolving and becoming more complex.  Companies that blog should keep up-to-date on their competitors' blog policies and on the laws about blogging in the countries in which they do business.  I've got a lot to learn about the laws surrounding blogging, so if you know where I can learn more about them, please let me know.  (Of course the Electronic Frontier Foundation has a good resource.)
Watch The Today Show on NBC This Wednesday
Tune in to The Today Show on NBC this Wednesday, February 1st!  At least from 7:15 to maybe 7:30 am, that is - it's when Know More Media writer George Parker is scheduled to make an appearance to discuss the... Continue Reading
Playing Around With Odeo, Free Podcasting Tool
Businesses looking for an easy way to publish audio might consider Odeo.Odeo is a new, free audio recording and sharing tool that you can access online.  I set up a phone posting account and played around with it for a... Continue Reading
McDonald's New Corporate Blog Slowly Emerges
So I found out that McDonald's now has a corporate blog called "Open for Discussion." The about page tells us that the blog's author is Bob Langert, the company's Senior Director for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  He says, "We want... Continue Reading
Naked Conversations Coming Soon To My Mailbox
Naked Conversations, a new book about business blogging by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, is finally on its way to me.  (I ordered that sucker like two months ago!)As soon as I get it I'll tear through it and let... Continue Reading
What About The BizNicheMedia Link Bait Contest?
The folks at BizNicheMedia have come up with an interesting little idea that has gotten a lot of attention in the blogosphere today.  Here's their link bait contest idea, in their own words:"The problem is, we want some exposure for... Continue Reading
Oct. 5-9: Blogonomics Blog Cruise Conference
Jim Turner told me the other day about a floating blog conference he and some others are putting together this October.  Here are the details:What: Blogonomics Blog Cruise 2006Why: "Presentations on blog strategy, ... practical tips and tactics, [answers to]... Continue Reading
Interview: Dave Coustan, Earthlink Corporate Blogger
I recently asked Dave Coustan, resident Earthlink corporate blog author, a few questions about his job. The conversation began as a seed when I recently posted about the new Earthlink blog, smartly titled "Earthling."  Jerry Grasso, the Earthlink director of... Continue Reading
Thoughts On Conference Blogging
I enjoyed blogging at the University Private Equity Summit yesterday with Tim Stay.  I had a few thoughts on conference blogging as I sat there and typed like mad, occasionally getting up to shoot photos.1. It helps to have at... Continue Reading
Blogging The University Private Equity Summit 2006
Good morning!  Today I will be liveblogging the University Private Equity Summit 2006 alongside Tim Stay (co-founder of Know More Media).  It's going to be fun, and I'll share my experiences here later.  Hop on over to VCSmart (VC =... Continue Reading
Why Doesn't Animation Mentor Have A Blog?
I often come across otherwise good websites and am saddened by their lack of two-way communicative options.  I've blogged before about why Honda should blog about ASIMO, its amazing robot.Animation Mentor ought to have a blog too, IMHO.  Yahoo! News... Continue Reading
Business Blog Wire 90 Days Old - Lessons Learned
I'm a three-month-old blogger!  (In blog years, that's kinda like twenty, twenty-five - which is about how old I am in "real life.")  All right, so my official three-month blogging birthday was yesterday, but it's close enough.  (I'm at 92... Continue Reading
ISP Earthlink Now Blogs At Earthling
The official Earthlink blog has been up for a few weeks now.  I noticed it the other day and thought I'd mention it as a good example of an official corporate blog.  Here's why:Name - Can't go wrong with Earthling. ... Continue Reading
Business Blogging Links for Jan 8-14
Here are some excellent sites that I never got around to posting about this week:FeedIcons.com - Encourages the standardization of RSS feed icons to that familiar orange square with the circle and the ... you know the one.  (Or a... Continue Reading
Collaborative Publishing Tool Writely Has Been Updated
Writely, an excellent (and free) online word processor and one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools, has just been updated.  That's according to the official Writely blog, a humble Blogspot offering that nonetheless provides me with lots of excitement whenever... Continue Reading
50 Writing Tips For The Corporate Blogger
The Story: I wish I could take credit for this one.  Poynter's Roy Peter Clark offers fifty writing tips (for free) that should prove highly useful for any business blogger.  Although these tips have been up on the Web for... Continue Reading
Know More Media Adds Seven New Business Bloggers
I blog for Know More Media, Inc.  I'm excited to say that I've got lots of new company.The Know More Media blog network has added seven new expert authors in the past several days.  These fine people will blog about... Continue Reading
Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: #45 Walgreens
Walgreens, #45 on the Fortune 500 list, appears to not have any public-facing corporate blogs.  However, its discussion of RSS is somewhat useful. :)Okay, so I like the Walgreens news page, even if it is feedless.  Walgreens could use a... Continue Reading
10 Steps To Creating A Successful Corporate Blog
In yesterday's post, I promised that I would return to the subject of the amount of time and effort required to produce an effective business blog.  Today I want to explore that subject a little more by sharing ten tips... Continue Reading
Jan 9
How Much Time Does Business Blogging Require?
You may wonder how much time and effort are required in order to create and maintain a successful business blog.  I'll address the subject more tomorrow - but for now I want to share an important thought.You've GOT to prioritize.I... Continue Reading
Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: #44 United Parcel Service (UPS)
Does UPS (United Parcel Service) have any corporate blogs?Let's have a look.Mmm, nope.  Doesn't look like it.  Apparently not much has changed since June 2005.  (Or September 2005.)... Continue Reading
Jan 7
Are You Ready For Blogging Conferences In 2006?
My last business blogging post about this month's World Economic Forum conference leads quite nicely into this post.  No matter where you live, there's likely to be a blogging conference near you (or maybe a cheap plane flight away) in... Continue Reading
Jan 6
What Is RSS And What Does It Have Do With Business Blogging?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - automated publishing.  Any business blog - whether corporate or personal - needs to know what RSS is and how (and WHY) to use it.  Here are some starting pointers:Yahoo! offers some startling information... Continue Reading
Jan 5
Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review: #43 United Technologies
Sallying forth with the Fortune 500 Blog Project, our search for corporate blogs now leads us to United Technologies (UTC). No company blogs here, I'm afraid. UTC does have a little orange RSS icon on its corporate home page.  But that... Continue Reading
World Economic Forum To Feature Blogging, Podcasting in Davos
The World Economic Forum website previews its upcoming annual conference in Davos, Switzerland.  The conference, which will be held from January 25-29, 2006, has as its theme "The Creative Imperative," and is accordingly going to feature new technologies in its... Continue Reading
Jan 4
Do Fortune 500 Companies Really Care About Blogs?
I am grateful for the new Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.  If its figures are accurate, only 16 of these 500 huge companies have external, publicly visible blogs.  In contrast, recent studies have suggested that a majority of small businesses... Continue Reading
Jan 3
How Personal Should Corporate Blogs Be?
Stowe Boyd wrote last week about "living in the shadow" of corporate blogs.  He poses some excellent questions about the importance and nature of corporate blogging.  I'd like to add one burning question to his list: What are Fortune 500... Continue Reading
IBM Corporate Blogging Policy Excels
At Larry Bodine's Professional Marketing Blog, I found a fine synopsis of IBM's corporate blogging policy.  Larry calls IBM's blogging philosophy "definitive," and I agree - it's one of the very best I've seen.  Larry briefly lists the most salient... Continue Reading
Jan 2
Quick Bizlogging Thoughts For The New Year
Happy New Year!I'll be back in full blogging swing tomorrow, but wanted to share a few quick thoughts about business blogging while my head is still spinning with several different topics.1. Very few Fortune 500 companies are blogging.  (Why not?) ... Continue Reading

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