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Playing Around With Odeo, Free Podcasting Tool
Businesses looking for an easy way to publish audio might consider Odeo.ear.jpg

Odeo is a new, free audio recording and sharing tool
that you can access online.  I set up a phone posting account and played around with it for a few minutes this morning.  The sound quality is phone, not CD, but that's okay.  I'm just fascinated by this tool because it essentially enables you to record audio anywhere, at any time, and place that audio instantly up on the Web.  Then it's a matter of moments before other people can access that audio and respond to it.  Maybe I ought to use Odeo to record audio interviews or conferences I attend.

So here are my first Odeo posts that I made using my phone (the number you call to record phone posts is free) - uncut and uncensored, of course:

Post 1 - not exactly "one small step for a man..."

Post 2 - rambling on about how to post to Odeo using a phone

Post 3 - me sounding like an absolute genius ("Jeff Johnson"???)

Post 4 - on potential uses of Odeo

(Bonus tip: If you want some real ear candy, open each of the above audio posts in a new window or tab at the same time.  Lots of droning!)

My posts weren't rehearsed - I just shot the breeze.  Of course the result is not exciting in terms of what I say, but I think it is when it comes to the implications - audio recording and publishing made easier.

Great job, Odeo folks!  Now, for my reader friends: What other uses for Odeo have you found?  I'd love it if we could spruce up this site with some audio.  I'd love hearin' your voice!

P.S.  Does anyone know of a way to record high-quality audio and then quickly post it to the Web?  What about fast (and free) audio transcription?

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Thanks for posting about this! I had not heard of it before and have been looking for a free and easy podcasting tool. I will definitely check it out!


P.S. BTW--Nice Posts!

Kimberly, I hope you have as much fun with Odeo as I have. I'm trying to think of ways to use it to podcast more on this blog. In the meantime, it's a convenient little tool that I hope the Odeo team continues to improve (and keep free!).

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