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More On Blogmedia's Purchase Of The Blog Herald
Matt from BlogMedia answered two of my questions about BlogMedia's acquisition of The Blog Herald (read about the announcement):

Easton: Why did BlogMedia decide to purchase The Blog Herald?

Matt: The Blog Herald is a well-established blog with a large following and a sterling reputation. When I got into the blog business and started reading blogs in this genre, this was one of the first blogs that I was reading regularly. I never thought that something like this would become available. We were quite excited when it did.

Acquiring The Blog Herald only makes sense to us. We already own and operate a site for bloggers to find jobs (BloggerJobs), a site that ranks and measures blog networks (Blog Network List), a snarky opinion site about blogs (Jack of All Blogs), another blog about blogging (Blogger Idol), as well as Blog Network Watch. Not to mention that we've quietly launched Problogging.
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Web Metrics Guru Will Cover SES 2006 For Know More Media
Know More Media's Marshall Sponder (the Web Metrics Guru) plans to do some conference blogging at the SES Conference & Expo 2006 this week in New York.It will be interesting to see how Marshall's experience compares to my first liveblogging... Continue Reading
BlogMedia Blog Network Acquires The Blog Herald
The BlogMedia blog network has just bought up The Blog Herald, a highly popular website that covers news about blogging.Read the official announcement (and additional commentary) (and press release) on this big blog purchase.  Matt says BlogMedia is "looking at... Continue Reading
BusinessWeek: Six Apart Co-Founder Mena Trott On The Future Of Blogging
BusinessWeek's Reena Jana spoke with Mena Trott about the future of blogging.  I recommend the article to you.  Some thoughts I had on it:- Blog metrics and tracking will improve, and with them, so will the ability (and the imperative)... Continue Reading
Seven Ideas For Corporate Blog Posts
Seven - ahem, unique - posting ideas for your corporate blog:1. Get personal.  Talk about yourself a little.  There, that's good.  Oh - not too much!2. Scratch another blog's back.  Forget your own company for a few minutes and compliment... Continue Reading
Some Like It Partial: The Full Vs. Partial RSS Debate Continues
Read Robert Scoble's thoughtful explanation of his disdain for partial RSS feeds.  Scoble says he won't subscribe to a partial RSS feed - one that displays only the first part of each post ("except for my brother's blog," he admits). ... Continue Reading
Bloggoggle: Professional Blogger Directory
Check out Bloggoggle.  It's a new human-powered directory of professional bloggers.  It looks like you can sign up for free ... hmm, interesting.  I'll try to sign up and blog about the experience soon.... Continue Reading
Early Thoughts On Using coComment
coComment is working well so far.  Here's my coComment page.  Except for a few glitches, it's been very useful.I highly recommend coComment to bloggers everywhere.  Of course there are (or soon will be) viable alternatives to this free comment tracker,... Continue Reading
Blogging: Young and Strong or Old and Almost Gone?
Slate's Daniel Gross talks about the possible "twilight" of blogging.  What a weird article.Three months ago I talked about the adolescence of corporate blogging.  Business blogging - whether we call it that a year or three from now - is... Continue Reading
Where's the REAL Olympic Blog?
Steve Johnson at the Chicago Tribune complains - and rightly so - about the drawbacks of NBC's official 2006 Winter Olympics blog:"Open the door of the NBC Olympics blog [...] and you run smack into the wall of official corporate... Continue Reading
A Whole Bunch Of Links To Articles About Business Blogging
I went news-crazy, I guess.  Happens to the best of us, right?  Here are a bunch of links to articles I've just digested.  Hope you find them useful!The Economist - The Blog in the Corporate Machine - My favorite part:... Continue Reading
Hey Corporate Bloggers: Wanna Take A Survey?
No, I'm not conducting it.  Read more about the latest corporate blogger survey at the Advanced Organizational Communication blog.  If you blog for a company, this survey needs your input on such topics as how to create a successful corporate... Continue Reading
Podcast Directories And Links: Some Top Resources
Hey budding business podcasters!  Mark Glaser over at MediaShift has written a nice little guide to podcast directories, including his own brief reviews of their pros and cons.My favorite link from what Mark had to say was Yahoo!'s guide on... Continue Reading
Do You Know Your Blogging History?
Business bloggers ought to know the basic history of their profession.  (I'm a history student, so you should expect me to talk about it from time to time.)  New York Magazine has a great little timeline of blogging history for... Continue Reading
Business Wikis, Blogs Now More Sophisticated
I recently found an article on Yahoo! News about blogs and wikis making their way into the inner fibers of many corporations' beings.  Thanks to Cathleen Moore for the article.  She talks about how wikis and blogs no longer qualify... Continue Reading
Business Blogging Links for February 11, 2006
Saturday night.  Mental gas tank now running on fumes.  So let's play it light tonight.  Some really useful links that never made it into previous posts:Cymfony has some helpful information about corporate blogging.An excellent article about corporate blog brand principles... Continue Reading
What Does A Blog Network Editor Do All Day?
As promised yesterday, here is my answer to the simple question, "What do you do all day long for work?"I couldn't answer that question the same way every week.  The exciting (and sometimes scary) truth is that my job is... Continue Reading
Feb 9
What's It Like to Be a Full-time Blogger?
Blogging full-time is not easy.  It requires hard work, concentration and self-discipline, not to mention dedication, perserverance and patience.A recent post by professional blogger Darren Rowse on his typical blogging day left me thinking about my own daily blogging habits. ... Continue Reading
Feb 8
ZDNet Hiring Bloggers for Technology, Business Topics
ZDNet is looking to hire some new writers (bloggers) on a variety of technology and business topics.  Thought you might like to know.By the way, does anyone know of a good place to find blogger job listings?  I'm not looking... Continue Reading
Feb 7
Jonathan Paisner on Corporate Blogging Principles
The other day I came across a fine article by Jonathan Paisner called "Top Ten Brand Principles of Corporate Blogs."  Jonathan explains ten "key principles to help ensure that your blog becomes an asset to your brand, not a liability."My... Continue Reading
Feb 6
30 Boxes and coComment: New Collaboration, Organization Tools
Folks, it's been a busy day and I don't have much time to write.  I want you to know about two exciting Web sites though:coComment - A simple way to keep track of the conversations in which you participate on... Continue Reading
Feb 4
My Thoughts On Stowe Boyd's Blog Conversational Index
Stowe, very novel idea.  I agree that there ought to be some way whereby blog search engines measure much more than just the number of links to a given blog.  And I agree that the amount of conversation (comments, trackbacks)... Continue Reading
Feb 3
10 Great Corporate Blog Startup Tips
Thanks to Brian Bailey for some oldies-but-goodies: his "Top 10 ideas for how to build a better blog."  They're every bit as relevant today as they were in January 2005.My favorite bits from Brian's tiplist:Tip 3 - Publish your posts... Continue Reading
And Now For Something Completely Different
Devin Thorpe over at MidMarketMaven passed this along to me, and I pass it along to you.  Ain't it a great joke?P.S. If you don't get it, tell Dan Grossman.P.P.S. If you do get it, tell ME!More on business blogging... Continue Reading
Feb 2
AdSense Blogtimization Can Help Your Business Blog Make More Money
Saw this on the AdSense blog.  Should be useful to those who make money from advertising on their blogs (especially Google AdSense).  Optimizing your blog - blogtimizing? - is a little different from optimizing a more static website, since a... Continue Reading
Feb 1
Honey, I Shrunk My RSS Feed Pile
Newsgator now tells me, after long hours of pruning and snipping and cutting and hacking away at my mound of feeds:"Currently subscribed to 290 feeds"Yessss!  Now I think I'll actually be able to read them all each day.  (Only 2,228... Continue Reading

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