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Seven Ideas For Corporate Blog Posts
Smiling Llama.jpgSeven - ahem, unique - posting ideas for your corporate blog:

1. Get personal.  Talk about yourself a little.  There, that's good.  Oh - not too much!
2. Scratch another blog's back.  Forget your own company for a few minutes and compliment someone else.  Be sincere.  Make 'em blush.
3. Go Bizarro.  Go against your habits and do something unexpected, something opposite to your normal post topics.  Yeah, it's a bit of a risk - but variety is the spice of life.
4. Get on a soapbox.  Stomp your feet and make a bold claim or announcement.  As long as you know what you're talking about, people will stop and listen.
5. Put up a photo.  Show people what your work space looks like.  Flex your arms, stick out your tongue - be a human somehow.  (Just an idea.)
6. Tell a story.  Personal experiences can make powerful post material.  Or maybe share a simple symbolic example and relate it to your blog topic.
7. Reward your readers.  Find someone to reward and a reason to reward 'em.  Think of a fun prize and send it their way.  And blog about it.

Share your offbeat business blog post ideas below.

(Thanks to Andrea Weckerle for the inspiration.)

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Thanks for the mention. And thanks also for adding new ideas to the list!

Anytime Andrea!

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I tell my business clients that it’s OK to be personal on business blogs. In fact, I think readers prefer a bit of personality. Blogs, unlike static web sites, require a commitment to regular updates, no matter how frequent. Sometimes you run ou... [Read More]

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