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Mar 9
How Will Google Acquisition Of Writely Affect The Web?
If you look at tech.memeorandum.com right now, you'll see one of the largest threads in a while - it seems like everybody's talking about today's announcement that Writely, the popular "upstart" online word processor, has been acquired by Google.

Well, I've sung Writely's praises before, and I can say that it is a fine (and FREE) Web word editor.  You can create, edit and publish Web pages and text documents easily with Writely.  Best of all, you can collaborate with other people whenever you want to form documents together.

My two cents: I think Google will offer Writely in a free, ad-supported version and a paid, ad-free version, and take quite a bit of market share from Microsoft's ever-popular Office products.  It might even merge Writely and Blogger together to empower Web publishing for the masses even more.

To be honest, I rarely use Microsoft Word anymore.  Rarely use it anymore.  Thanks to tools like Writely, many Web users will begin to balk at Office's high price tag and go "free" instead.

Your thoughts?  What's Google's plan for Writely?  How will Writely's acquisition affect the Web as a whole ... and business blogging in particular?

I fixed a minor misspelling in the title of this post.

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Easton, I think that Google's plan for Writely could possibly be to create an online office suite. (I wrote about it on thealphamarketer a couple of days ago) If you look at other acquisitions, plus Microsoft's foray into their territory in search and other things, they could be possibly sending a message or gearing up for battle.

Thanks for your comment, Gary. Certainly I think a great many people will begin to use Google's "Web office" if it develops such a cohesive suite. Whether or not Microsoft's faithful Office customers would forsake Office en masse in favor of Google's free (or cheap?) online offerings, or simply use both, is the big question for me.

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