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3 Ways To Keep Your Business Blog From Turning Evil
Angel Praying.jpgPlease read yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer article by Jonathan Last on blogging.  Last states:

"The New Media in general, and blogs in particular, are concerned primarily with the meta (that is, commenting on commentary), which makes the blogosphere occasionally useful, often harmful, and ultimately pointless" (source).

Last defends the "Old Media" well by discounting the argument that blogging represents an evolutionary step forward in journalism and information dissemination.  His article also unwittingly contains some excellent advice for business bloggers.  Thanks for the inspiration, Jonathan!  Behold:

Three Ways To Keep Your Business Blog From Turning Evil

1. Blog more about your business than about your business blog.  Maybe your corporate blog is state-of-the-art.  That's great!  But most visitors won't care.  Keep the focus of the conversation on your business offerings.  An evil business blog talks about the blog more than about the business.

2. Learn to balance posting quality with quantity.  Strive to offer your readers the greatest amount and variety of information possible without skipping the fact-checking, spell-checking and ego-checking.  For most business blogs, I recommend at least two or three posts a week.  I say, if the posts are excellent, the more the merrier.  An evil business blog has too few relevant, informative posts - but there is no such thing as "too many."

3. Don't kill the conversation.  Offer comments and trackbacks, spam notwithstanding.  Ask your readers questions.  Make them feel important.  Respond to their comments.  Talk about them and their needs and wishes.  An evil business blog ignores people who care about the business.

There you have it!  Follow these three tips to corporate blogging sainthood.  Add your own tips for angelic business blog behavior below.


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I believe that it's also important for the blogger to be passionate about the topic they're blogging about. All too often people start a blog solely to make money, but readers can tell if a person is a "fake".

Passion is always in fashion, Maria! An evil business blog is often passionless. A saintly business blogger strives to help her readers - of course she doesn't forget that it's her job to blog - but she doesn't write as though forced into it.

Great one Easton.

I always laugh at those who blog about their blog endlessly, e.g. not posting much now because . . ., I have X amount of readers, this is a great blog because . . ., usually mixed in with lots of whining!

Evil? sometimes. Boring? Yes!

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