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Announcement: May 1, 2006 Will Be Blogtipping Day
Cow.jpgCalling all sentient bloggers: Monday, May 1, 2006 will be Blogtipping Day.  (Perhaps the first Monday of each month can be Blogtipping Day - let me know what you think.)

What's blogtipping?  It's where you forget yourself for a few minutes and think about another blogger.  It's a win-win.  All you do is this: Say three nice things and offer one simple tip.

Still confused?  Here's an example: "Hey Johnny, I like your shoes, your hair and your teeth - maybe you could also put on some deodorant!"  See, you've already done this sort of thing your whole life.  Why should your blog stay so stiff and serious that you can't go blogtipping once in a while?

So, on Monday, May 1st, please choose three of your favorite bloggers - really, anyone you want to encourage - and give each one a good blogtipping.  Please tag the post with the "blogtipping" tag so Mama Technorati can keep a growing record of our collective forays into blogtipping..

I went blogtipping yesterday and Liz Strauss, Jeremiah Owyang, Trevor Cook, Mike Sigers and Mike Sansone all liked the idea.  It's much safer than cowtipping, by the way, and you won't get in trouble for doing it publicly.  Shouldn't, anyway.

Remember: From small things come great things.

P.S. There are no prizes for blogtipping and no penalties for not blogtipping - only sweet satisfaction for the willing and dark remorse for the recalcitrant.  (I couldn't resist.)

P.P.S.  Be careful - you just might get blogtipped!


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I like your style. We need to figure out how to do something together together to cause some trouble --maybe convince the blogosphere that you and I are really the same person. After all, no one has seen us in the same room at the same time yet.

What do you think?
Successful Blog

Good idea, Liz!

Easton, Can I look for one tip ahead. My site does not come up on searches ... it merely names others who comment on it or who name it. What can I do so that the name of this site is picked up and gets a higher ranking by search engines? Thanks!

Almost like at the Toastmasters ;-) praise, praise and praise and a point for improvements ...

May the word spread like Australian bushfire!

i love this comes my comments on the malaysian blogspace

And here I thought Easton was so smart for coming up with the blogtipping idea in the first place...then I come by and find out that Liz is plotting with him. If, in fact, they are not the same person. After all, I've never seen either of them in the same room. (Or any room, for that matter.) Y'all are deliciously naughty, it appears.

Come to think of it the more I think about it the more I think Liz and Easton ARE the same person. :-)

You've already got Melonie and me believing it ... :-)

Oh and BTW, I'm onboard with Blogtipping. I think it's a great idea to meet and greet, spread yourself and help spread others and all that other good karma stuff.

I have my 3 all signed, sealed and ready for May 1.

Let the fun begin! Thank you all for participating. Lay it on thick and heavy and smooth it over with love - I'm talking about giving really useful feedback. If you can make another blogger's day, great. If you can change their blogging for the better, spectacular!

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