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Cocomment Firefox Extension: It's Aliiiiiiiiive!
Cocomment Logo.gifJust a quick update and some gushing praises related to the new cocomment Firefox extension.  I've emailed a few of you to vent some of my excitement.

Install the new cocomment Firefox extension!  It streamlines cocomment so you don't have to use a bookmarklet every time you make a comment at a blog.  It works very well - few are the pages where I haven't been able to get it work (and that's what this page is for) - and you can even tag your comments so they are better organized at your cocomment page.

My cocomment page shows all the recent comments I've left using cocomment.

I was conversing with David Brazeal about this when the light flickered on in my mind.  If you get the cocomment extension and comment at that page, it will tell you within a few minutes when another cocomment user posts a follow-up comment!

Here's where you can let your imagination run wild.  What if you could see what a blogger is saying not only at his or her blog, but ALL OVER the blogosphere?  And what if you could grab that as a feed?

Well, you can! See: Comments by Easton
Also: All cocomment comments left on conversations I've joined

This changes the way I blog.  I comment more and respond more quickly to others' comments.  I have a record of where I've commented so I can review those links regularly.  I get notified instantly when another cocomment user responds to me at any of those pages.

Yes, I wish cocomment would index EVERY blog comment (not just ones submitted by cocomment users).  And I wish it offered a comment search engine and slice-and-dice feed creation capability a la  Or a cocommenter directory, organized by tags so you could tag people according to the kinds of comments they made.  And I wouldn't mind if it put ads here or there throughout or charged a subscription fee for extra toys, because I want this idea (or something like it) to succeed.

In a way, your cocomment page and feed become like another personal blog.  It enhances the connectedness of the blogosphere in my mind and makes it easier for people to have conversations.

What ideas do you have for using cocomment?  What do you think cocomment should do to improve?


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Now, you are set to have your comments broadcast all over the world in stereo, when you make the A-List next week. It's a good fit C-C and E-E. I like the sound of that.

Thanks, Liz! And this comment I'm writing right now will show the world that I said thank you for calling me an SOB the other day (that's Successful and Outstanding Blogger, folks) and for joining my conversation!

I found the extension last nite, and installed right away. Already it's streamlining my comment use. I'd signed up for coComments months ago (feb) but had never used it because it was an extra step.

Now the whole process is effortless.

Howd's you place your cocomments in your sidebar?

Robyn, I'm glad you've decided to join the cocomment fold :). Cocomment offers three nifty boxes for your blog. You'll notice that I haven't gotten my "recent comments by Easton" box to appear quite right just yet, but I'll figure it out shortly. I'm thinking of adding the other two boxes as well.

By the way, I hope you enjoy getting notified instantly by cocomment that I've made this comment! (Who needs that broken thing called email anymore ;P!)

Uh oh, now I'm hooked.

Cool Tool! I like this much better than the bookmarklet. Love the Easton Says module. This quickly becomes part of the workshop! Thanks for the tip.

This really turns blog comments into something of a chat room, doesn't it? The implications for business blogging are great. And the implications for time-draining are enormous. You know how efficiency experts say you should turn off your email program most of the day, and only turn it on to check email at regular intervals? This coComment thing has the potential to be 100 times more disruptive than constant email interruptions.

Not that I'm complaining.

Thanks for the comments, all - or should I say COcomments? David, you're right - it has its potential drawbacks in that regard. But of course if used carefully, it can be a tremendous help.

If I could just track all the comments all KMM authors left ... and if cocomment sifted through it all for me ... sigh - an editor can dream, can't he?

I suppose I am essentially sending each of you a public email by doing this. What a strange new monster we've brought to life!

I agree with what David is saying in terms of being efficient during the day. But the pros on this outweighs the cons in terms of saving time and resource (not to mention shortening your workflow) trying to bookmark/revisit the sites every now and then to just check and see if someone and/or the author has replied to your comment on his/her blog. That to me is great by itself.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see the next deployment's improvements.

All of the enhancements that you have brought up would be awesome. Maybe we should try and get coComment's team to see these ideas?

Good idea, Dewayne - I'll let them know!

Thanks for the tip on this, Easton.

I also got on board when CoC first came out but found the bookmarklet cumbersome to use.

I'm heading right on over and jumping back on board...

Also love the idea of taking a sneak at where some of my favorite bloggers comment - taking a quick look at yours Easton and I've already got a swag of new blogs to check oout. Cool!

Easton - This is awesome. I never used cocomment before but you can bet I'm telling everyone I know about this. You're really bringing us some really useful stuff - thanks! Can't wait to see how you top this :-)

OK, this sounds way cool. I'm giving it a try. This is my first attempt at using it. Will blog it later. Thanks for the tip!

- Amy Gahran

Editor, Poynter's E-Media Tidbits

Thank you all for the comments - that is, CO-comments! I highly recommend that we put our business blogger noggins together and fire our best visionary feedback at the cocomment team. They are (of course) very talkative and enjoy discussing possible improvements. Really, I think there is an incredible untapped reservoir of business potential that cocomment is only starting to breach.

To go along with my blogtipping meme (today is Blogtipping Day, I'll blogtip the cocomment team right now:

1 - Thanks a million for helping me stay on top of the conversations I'm involved in all over the Web.
2 - I love your website - all the tools and feeds you offer, the charts of blogs and commenters, the sparse look, etc.
3 - You're constantly improving cocomment and updating your team blog! Way to go!

Tip: Like Amy Gahran has suggested, I think you should work on your elevator pitch for everybody's mom who doesn't care about "Web 2.0," only about having a good time using the Web. Make things sound simpler and put that support documentation together - whether it's a wiki or just a static help directory - so that millions of people will feel excited to track their comments through you.

Thanks for blogtipping us!

I agree with your critisism. We have to get our s*** together in that department!

A lot of "cruft" has accumulated throughout our documentation. For example, the most important "things"...

1 - the firefox extension
2 - the bookmarklet
3 - how to best embed CoComment in your own blog

...are all buried several pages deep in the site. We'll fix that!

hey easton,
got your email thanks! we got your suggestions (and all the comments - loads of stuff thx people!!). Actually we are working on a couple of these features (most notably indexing ALL blog comments, a search engine) but could you explain in more details what you mean by "slice-and-dice feed creation capability ". I am very much intrigued by that, sounds really cool :-)

Easton - HELP! Several of the blogs I read create a new window for leaving comments and the cocomment button isn't on that window (I'm using Firefox). How do I use cocomment on those pages????

Don't mean to make you tech support here - but I figured you'd know what to do :-)

Laurent, thanks for getting back to me and for the question. By "slice-and-dice feed creation capability," I mean the ability to search for comments by topic and then subscribe to a feed for that so I would always know when another cocomment user had commented about, say, corporate blogging. I also mean the ability to search for all comments by cocommenters who are tagged as people who care about business blogging, or cars, or whatever - and being able to grab that as a feed so I'd get notified of new results.

Ann, I don't know what to do in that situation - I can't get cocomment to work in most pop-up windows either - so I simply submit the comment anyway and then tag the page as "mycomments" in my account. That way I at least still have an online record of my comments. Right now cocomment seems to be working for me on about eighty percent or more of the sites I comment at, and is helping me track the rest.

It doesn't work on blogsites (like across the board, and on (and intel blog).

Small price to pay though, it works on most else. Blogsites use haloscan. Could it be they don't work with haloscan?

I'm loving coComments.

Easton : it's definitly something we are looking at. We thought about:
• feeds for a specific tag
• feeds for a specific blog (relevant now we have blog integration, and if the platform does not support comments RSS)
• feeds for people marked as friends
• feeds for a specific term (watchlist)

About pop-up comment, there is an extension out there that activates coComment on right click. Try this maybe, it's helpful when you can't press the bookmarklet

@Robyn: we're discussing with haloscan about complete integration, maybe you should drop them an email to ask for coComment ;-)

Hi Easton,

Thanks for the visit. I have to agree, Cocomment rocks and it has a neat interface for an individual's webpage.

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