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How Hard Is It To Make Money Blogging?
Many people wonder how difficult or easy it is to make money from blogging.  The answer depends on many factors, but it mostly boils down to this: the more intelligently you use your blog, the more likely you are to make a profit from it.  It's nearly always possible to make your blog produce an excellent return on investment, at least in terms of your corporate reputation if not also in terms of real profits.

Andy Hagans writes at Performancing about the challenges of making money with a blog.  Andy's post responds to Guy Kawasaki's assertion that it's hard to monetize a blog well.  Says Andy, "the vast majority of people do not make much money from their blogs... and even if they do make a decent bit, if you amortize it over the hours they put, it's still likely they're effectively earning less than minimum wage while blogging."

I'm looking for a study that would inform us as to the validity of Andy's conclusion.  Do you know of any recent reports on the ease or difficulty of making money blogging?

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I think Andy's right in that many bloggers get to the first hurdle and give up. If you persevere, though, and stick with it through thin and less thin, you stand a good chance of making money, depending on your talents.

Good point, John. And I think that first blogger's hurdle is usually a few months into it, when the blogger panics because her traffic and profit is nowhere near where she initially hoped. Sticking with it is a common trait of every successful blogger.

Blogging, like any other business, has to be looked at from the long-term.

The great majority of those that fail don't necessarily do it from lack of talent, but from lack of sticking with it.

Sticking with it, plus being flexible and willing to adapt as you measure and track what works and doesn't work, is the key to success in any endeavor.

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Great website with many informative articles. I am new at making money through blogging, but many of the points above are starting to hit home. With my current blogging venture, I am writing a daily blog on how this campaign is going. Comments, criticsm and suggestions are always welcome. Check it out at http://Affiliate-Diary.TheWebReviewer.com

Making money? It's hard enough to get people to read your blogs. My most successful blog was "How to lose traffic on your blog in 10 days". I scan many blogs and emails a day looking for ideas to write about. It's really hard!

Making money by blogging is just like any other job. You have to give time, attention adn energy and you must have the right attitude. The main problem is that 99% people have got the mindset that:
blogging is just like writing diary.
blogging means writing anything.
blogging cannot be a full time job.
All you need is to learn how to play tricks with Google's adsense and technorati's ranking.

Thanks to all of you for the excellent comments. I wish you knew how great it makes me feel to read thoughts like these. This is what collaborative communication is all about!

The sense I get from your comments is that in order to make a living off of blogging, you probably need a combination of hard work, diligence, search engine optimization smarts, and a little luck :).

Dear Easton,
I take part actively in Absolute Write Water Cooler forum. Now we have an interesting discussion about blogging. I thought may be you would like to take a look.

A distinction I find useful is between making money blogging (or from blogging) and making money through blogging. What the previous comments seem to refer to is making money from blogging, a la Darren Rowse's problogger.net and others. There is a whole other discussion about making money through blogging - i.e. using blogging as part of your online marketing, as do Microsoft with Robert Scoble and other microsofties, Thomas Mahon with englishcut.com and others. With either, I suspect the quick tricks approach for getting traffic - gaming the search engines etc - is a short term strategy at best.

The bigger picture, Des, I think is what you're getting at. Blog not just for immediate money, but especially for long-term reputation building and for establishing your presence as a voice of authority.

Great article, that was interesting

Hi Easton.

Of late I've been "earning" money from blogging...sort of. I don't earn advertising revenue, but recently I've been getting blogging gigs offers and I'm already writing for two company blogs. Still, if I can help it, I'd like to make money off my own blogs.

Most of the commenters are right that people don't try hard and that's a fundamental difference between performers and non-performers.

Effort is a huge key to success, Amrit. And you bring up an interesting point - a lot of money is to be made *indirectly* from blogging (e.g. others notice your blog and offer you a job or some contracting work, etc.).

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