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How Long Is Six Months In Blog Years?
Birthday Cake.jpgMy blog turns six months old today.  Read my first post and shed a tear for nostalgia, won't you?

So six months ... what is that, half a blogosphere ago?  I'm one of the old-timers now!

I will strive to be a better blogger during the next six months.  I've posted nearly every weekday since last October about corporate blogging in particular and professional blogging in general.  I absolutely love working for Know More Media.

I'd love it if you could suggest a topic or two for me below.  I appreciate all your comments and visits.  You make me happy!  My goal is to make BusinessBlogWire a top-notch resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the business of blogging (or blogging for a business).

Have a bloggity blog blog day!

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Happy half-birthday, Easton.

Syntagma Media turns one-half on Friday, so you beat us by four days. ;-)

I appreciate it, John! Time flies, huh?

Happy half-birthday, BBW! Easton, you are a critical component of our team. I'm convinced you're the hardest-working Associate Editor in the business. I dare anyone to challenge that! Thanks for all you do.

Happy half birthday Easton! Reminds me of last December when a friend turned 50, a half century, except less party hats and noise makers :)

Muchas gracias to Dan and Ted for your kind words. This next half-year figures to be fun and I expect to stay busy as we attempt to cover the world of business blogging.

Happy birthday Easton. You are doing a great job. I will be happy to see interviews of successful bloggers in your blog in the next 6 months.

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