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Cocomment Firefox Extension: It's Aliiiiiiiiive!
Cocomment Logo.gifJust a quick update and some gushing praises related to the new cocomment Firefox extension.  I've emailed a few of you to vent some of my excitement.

Install the new cocomment Firefox extension!  It streamlines cocomment so you don't have to use a bookmarklet every time you make a comment at a blog.  It works very well - few are the pages where I haven't been able to get it work (and that's what this del.icio.us page is for) - and you can even tag your comments so they are better organized at your cocomment page.

My cocomment page shows all the recent comments I've left using cocomment.

I was conversing with David Brazeal about this when the light flickered on in my mind.  If you get the cocomment extension and comment at that page, it will tell you within a few minutes when another cocomment user posts a follow-up comment!

Here's where you can let your imagination run wild.  What if you could see what a blogger is saying not only at his or her blog, but ALL OVER the blogosphere?  And what if you could grab that as a feed?

Well, you can! See: Comments by Easton
Also: All cocomment comments left on conversations I've joined

This changes the way I blog.  I comment more and respond more quickly to others' comments.  I have a record of where I've commented so I can review those links regularly.  I get notified instantly when another cocomment user responds to me at any of those pages.

Yes, I wish cocomment would index EVERY blog comment (not just ones submitted by cocomment users).  And I wish it offered a comment search engine and slice-and-dice feed creation capability a la Topix.net.  Or a cocommenter directory, organized by tags so you could tag people according to the kinds of comments they made.  And I wouldn't mind if it put ads here or there throughout or charged a subscription fee for extra toys, because I want this idea (or something like it) to succeed.

In a way, your cocomment page and feed become like another personal blog.  It enhances the connectedness of the blogosphere in my mind and makes it easier for people to have conversations.

What ideas do you have for using cocomment?  What do you think cocomment should do to improve?
Cocomment Releases New Firefox Extension
I am super excited about this one!  My favorite comment tracking tool, cocomment, has released a new cocomment Firefox extension.  I'll play with it and let you know what I think.  In the meantime, I highly recommend that you try... Continue Reading
Announcement: May 1, 2006 Will Be Blogtipping Day
Calling all sentient bloggers: Monday, May 1, 2006 will be Blogtipping Day.  (Perhaps the first Monday of each month can be Blogtipping Day - let me know what you think.) What's blogtipping?  It's where you forget yourself for a few... Continue Reading
It's A Great Day For Blogtipping
In the spirit of appreciating and encouraging three of my favorite bloggers, I've decided to go blogtipping today.  (It's simple: just pick three bloggers you know and give each one three compliments and one tip.)Jeremiah Owyang:1 - I admire the... Continue Reading
Corporate Blog Review: GM FYI Blog
Here's my quick and dirty review of General Motors' newest corporate blog, the FYI Blog:What It Is: The FYI Blog is supposed to help people get to know the GM company culture better, by discussing corporate events.  The blog's authors... Continue Reading
3 Ways To Keep Your Business Blog From Turning Evil
Please read yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer article by Jonathan Last on blogging.  Last states:"The New Media in general, and blogs in particular, are concerned primarily with the meta (that is, commenting on commentary), which makes the blogosphere occasionally useful, often harmful,... Continue Reading
The Prague Post On The Impact Of Business Blogging
The Prague Post has a fine article by Katya Zapletnyuk on April 19 called "Blogs are Changing Corporate Communication."The article mentions the blogging success of Ivo Lukačovič, founder of the Czech search engine Seznam.  Zapletnyuk correctly opines that a major... Continue Reading
Business Blog Links Of The Day - 4-19-06
I've got a couple weeks left in this semester of grad school, and it's hurting my ability to really flesh out these links into full-fledged posts.  But I really want you to take a look at them.Martin Veitch of IT... Continue Reading
DigitalGrit Offers Free Business Blogging Webinar
DigitalGrit has an excellent online presentation about corporate blogging that you ought to watch, even if you've been involved with biz blogs for a long time.  At first I thought, "I've probably seen this all before."  But then humility shocked... Continue Reading
Blogging Resources To Get You Through The Night
Here are four fun and/or useful links for souls interested in fine blogging.First, I've just discovered Vitamin (tagline: "Nourishment to help the Web grow").  It's basically a tip resource for bloggers who want to make the most of their blogging... Continue Reading
How Long Is Six Months In Blog Years?
My blog turns six months old today.  Read my first post and shed a tear for nostalgia, won't you?So six months ... what is that, half a blogosphere ago?  I'm one of the old-timers now!I will strive to be a... Continue Reading
How Hard Is It To Make Money Blogging?
Many people wonder how difficult or easy it is to make money from blogging.  The answer depends on many factors, but it mostly boils down to this: the more intelligently you use your blog, the more likely you are to... Continue Reading
Business Blog Weekend Tidbits
Debbie Weil points to a PQ Media report on Web advertising forecasting amazing growth in the amount spent on blog, podcast and RSS ads.  We're talking about going from about $20 million in 2005 to about $50 million in 2006. ... Continue Reading
Business Blogging Tip Number 743: When You're Tired ...
... get some sleep.Tip number 744 would be, when you're wide awake, write a few extra posts to benefit your readers while you're sleeping.Good night.... Continue Reading
Welcome To The Know More Media PEZ Society
Yoda came in the mail today.  Thanks, Dan!Watch.  Laugh.  Cry.  Be jealous!Care to join the PEZ Side?... Continue Reading
How To Respond Well To Online Criticism Of Your Business
Not everyone will love your business.  They might harass you on your business blog - hey, they might even do so anonymously.So how do you deal with criticism?Option A: Revert to fifth grade - name-calling, shin-kicking, prank-pulling, and other assorted... Continue Reading
Make Your Business Blog Posts Easy To Read
Do you have a business blog?  Try this test:Read one of your posts.Did you read every word?Why not?Talk to Jeremiah.... Continue Reading
How To Preach The Gospel Of Business Blogging
Diane Ensey over at AListReview (a new KMM blog covering hot topics in the blogosphere) mentions four ways business leaders might oppose the idea of business blogging.  Here's how I would preach the Gospel of Business Blogging to counter each... Continue Reading
Fredrik Wacka Stops Updating CorporateBlogging.Info
Say it ain't so, Fredrik! Try a Google or Yahoo search for "corporate blogging" (with or without the quotes) and you'll see CorporateBlogging.info in the first or second spot.  Fredrik Wacka has maintained the popular information site on corporate blogging... Continue Reading
Apr 8
15 Blogging Tips I Live By And Tools I Use
Darren Rowse was kind enough to publish a post of mine at Problogger today.  In the post, I talk about 15 blogging tips and tools that I have found important.  Have a great weekend (or whatever's left of it, if... Continue Reading
Apr 7
Why Should You Create A Business Blog?
Wayne Hurlbert offers some excellent advice for anyone wondering whether starting a business blog is a good idea.  Some of his main points, with my thoughts added:1. A blog doesn't have to be a personal online journal.  A blog is... Continue Reading
How Much Freedom Should Corporate Bloggers Have?
David Bowen says, "I suspect corporate blogs (under whatever name) will never match the vibrancy of an even modestly-successful independent blog, simply because they cannot have the same free-wheeling atmosphere."That got me thinking (thanks for the thoughtful article, David).  Is... Continue Reading
Apr 6
How NOT To Make Your Corporate Blog A Legal Liability
The OUT-LAW blog says corporate blogs are a liability.  I respectfully disagree - at least, they really shouldn't be.  Here are four simple ways to keep your blog legally sound:1. Don't put anything on your business blog that could be... Continue Reading
Apr 5
More Fortune 500 Companies Are Blogging - Barely
Chris Anderson (he of "The Long Tail") notes that a few more Fortune 500 companies are blogging now - to be exact: 27 (5.4%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of yesterday (up from 18 four months ago).  Check... Continue Reading
Apr 4
The New York Times Adopts Blog-Like Design
The New York Times has redesigned its website.  It looks more like a blog now!  Anil Dash of Six Apart explains in depth.Just one step closer to the practical convergence of "newspapers" (what's a newspaper anymore?) and "blogs."... Continue Reading
Apr 3
How To Evaluate A Blog Network
Jeremy Wright, president and co-founder of the excellent b5media blog network, has several great ideas on how to evaluate a blog network.  (To fully understand his questions and answers, you should read Jeremy's KMM guest post, "The Truth About Blog... Continue Reading

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