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It's A Great Day For Blogtipping
In the spirit of appreciating and encouraging three of my favorite bloggers, I've decided to go blogtipping today.  (It's simple: just pick three bloggers you know and give each one three compliments and one tip.)

Jeremiah Owyang:
1 - I admire the speed at which you learn and adapt to change.
2 - You're great at holding my interest all the way to the end of each post.
3 - Your blog is simple, yet sophisticated in terms of both its design and its content.
Tip - Maybe you could put a "recent comments" list in the right-hand column, to go along with the "last posts" list.

Liz Strauss:
1 - Your blog is a super repository of blogging wisdom.
2 -  I like all the addictive links in your left-hand column.
3 - Love the SOB phenomenon.
Tip - Could you call me an SOB too :)?  I just want to hear you say it!

Trevor Cook:
1 - Your linkposts are always rich in high-caliber links
2 - You're not afraid of Amanda Chapel
3 - You provide a great window to the Australian blogosphere
Tip - Maybe post a tad more frequently - I only say so because I love to read what you have to say!

Happy blogtipping!  Pass it on if you're in the mood!


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You SOB, ruin the surprise or what. You were on the list already for this weekend. Thanks for the link love, only a true SOB would get ahead me in this way. Now I'm going to have to do some serious thinking. . . .

Hah! I have the answer!

Thanks Easton, I'd post more often if only there were more hours in the day! Trevor

Thanks Easton, I really enjoy this I'll have to return the favor, I'll look into seeing what I can do about your excellent reccomendation.

Thank you

Easton, these are great tips and thanks also for the practical tactics to build traffic. While that takes time, I can see it can be done... and your ideas make it easier!

Thanks to Liz Strauss, Jeremiah Owyang and Trevor Cook for accepting my simple idea! Mike Sansone and Mike Sigers also took notice. Read my next post for a special announcement about blogtipping.

Ellen, you're invited to participate as well! Thanks to you for being such a good conversationalist.

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