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Am I Addicted to Commenting or to Comment Tracking?
May 13, 2006Am I addicted to commenting, or simply to comment tracking?  I think it's both, and I think each addiction feeds the other.

Commenting well - really adding a sincere thought to each conversation you join around the Web - is an indispensable skill for any business blogger.

See my coComment page.
I also use co.mments.
Learn about my comment tracking habits.

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Hi Easton,

Yes, I checked out your cocomment page and you are an addict! Your enthusiasm has spurred me into creating my own account as well :) Now, I just need to figure out how it works....

Easton - if it goes any farther we may have to plan an intervention :-)

Jackyan (highest cocommenter of all time) better watch out - you're gaining fast!

If only I weren't such a shy violet. . .

I second Liz - if only I wasn't so shy and reticent about leaving my two cents around the web.

On being addicted to coCo, I feel your pain. Not sure how, but using it has actually made me slightly less reluctant to comment. You have to ask yourself however, is it a bad addiction? Engaging fellow readers/writers in a meaningful conversation - what's bad about that?

Cas, it's really a great addiction, I think. I feel the same way as you do - I feel more encouraged to comment now that I have coCo in my life!

I was trying to work out what it was about using coCo that broke down (some) of my barriers to commenting.

I'm working on the principle that:
1) It's easy now to go back to old conversations and follow up on them. (I hate throw away comments that garner no response).
2) If people know where to look they can see what I've said elsewhere, so I garner a reputation/identity and am not just some fly-by-night troll. (This idea got my research-senses tingling)
3) You can't deny the pleasure of seeing the number of comments you've made rack up.

I'm curious as to how you think coCo helped you - though I get the impression that you're a natural joiner, unlike me who's an inveterate lurker.

My view is these are good services for convenience and nothing more. Ann, if Easton beats me, I would have no problems (as one person recently did). Looking at his comments, he always adds something sincere and genuine, so I know he is a good commenter (and blogger, here). I think as long as we don’t lose sight that these services are here to help us, and we are not here to serve them, then that is AOK.

Cas, I think coComment has helped me in exactly the same three ways you've outlined. Thanks for following and adding to this conversation! Yes, I'd consider myself a natural joiner.

Jack, I respect you so much for reminding us all that we're here to use tools, and not to be used by them. I'm not out to be more prolific than anyone else, but I do want to make as many good comments in as many places as I personally can, so I can touch the most lives for good.

By the way Jack, thank you sincerely for answering my questions on commenting - I've posted your answers today :). I appreciate your unique perspective on the matter of blog comments.

Thank you again, Easton, for featuring me. I’m really thrilled. And I respect the way you are commenting and blogging, too: we all have the opportunity to reach out and make someone’s world a better place every day. Those who take that opportunity deserve every blessing.

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