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Business Blogging Skypecast Fri, May 12, 1-2 PM MDT
Do you have SkypeGet it.  Skype lets you make free voice calls to any other Skype user and really cheap calls to just about everyone else.  And you can do instant messaging with it, too, and a bunch of other spiffy things.  Bottom line: Skype is a budget-saver and a productivity-booster.  Business bloggers should use it.  If you know of a better tool for voice over the Web, let me know.

But this post isn't just about Skype.  It's about an upcoming Skypecast.  With me.  That's right, you get to hear my melodious voice!  Well don't worry, I won't sing.  I just want to talk with you about your blogging.  Maybe we can exchange tips, share ideas, or just say hi and get to know each other a bit.

So this Friday, May 12th, from 1 pm to 2 pm Mountain Daylight Time (I'm in Salt Lake City in the U.S., and my time zone is Greenwich Mean Time minus 6 hours), I will hold a Skypecast - just a big, open Skype call - with anyone who wants to come join me.  (If you don't come, I will sit there and talk to myself for an hour.  That would make for an interesting post in and of itself!)

If you have any ideas for the Skypecast, feel free to leave them below!  (Or just contact me at my first name underscore my last name in Skype.)

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Sounds like a decent idea, but have you thought of any think to talk about? The dead air could become deafening.

Sounds like a decent idea.
Good Luck!

Thanks, Heather!

Darren, I hope to spend the hour talking to other bloggers about what works best for them - what tools they use, how they build their traffic, etc. As a backup plan, I'll share some of my top productivity tips. Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

I guess I can't read or tell time....I thought it was at noon MDT. I showed up but nobody was there except Dan. Turns out it was at 1pm MDT and I couldn't get back in time.

I am bummed...I was really hoping to get some tips from others.....


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