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May 3
Does Your Blog/Company/Idea Deserve A Wikipedia Entry?
Yesterday I created a Wikipedia entry for blogtipping in order to help others understand how and why to blogtip, but it's probably going to be deleted because it doesn't (yet) meet Wikipedia's criteria for publication.  I didn't know how the process worked and now that I do, I'm happy to see the entry deleted.  However, I believe that in a few months' time, when hundreds more of you have gone blogtipping and can vouch for its significance, it will deserve a (small) place in the annals of Web history at the greatest Wiki of all.

My question for you is, what ideas, blogs, companies do you have or work with that you think deserve a place at Wikipedia?  What ideas are you working on that are important enough to someday be remembered by many as genuinely inspiring?  (Hey, if Janice Myint likes it, how inane could it be?)

After my lesson-learning at Wikipedia yesterday and today, I recommend that you think twice before creating an article referencing your corporate blog, a meme you've created or even a simple explanation of your business.  However, there are many other places to stand on your soapbox and spread the good word about your work.

I'd be happy to hear your experiences with Wikipedia or other places where the importance of blogs, memes and other things is evaluated.  What do you think would be the tipping point for blogtipping to merit a place at Wikipedia?


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Easton, I am often inspired by the way you dig deeper and find new ideas to improve whatever you do. No wonder there are so many brilliant and readable tips at your site.

Maybe you are CREATING a kind of blog Wiipedia of your own, Easton -- now that would take a whole set of inspired new rules ... and it's more fun to create 'em than learn 'em anyway!

Yes, Easton, Ellen is right. Your blog is really a good place to find tips. I am a regular reader of your blog and I just wish that you can give more time for writing posts. I know that you are extremely busy looking after all of us but still think of many people like me who get benefited from your blog.

Thanks, Ellen and Razib. You two are both excellent commenters and conversationalists.

I'm going to start a wiki about corporate blogging soon! I'll post about it when I've got it up and running, of course. :)

And Razib, I really will try to start doing more posts. Three a day isn't too much to ask of me, is it?

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