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Follow Your Conversations With coComment, Co.mments and Del.icio.us
Talking Parrot.jpgI wrote a post at Performancing today about three tools I use to track my conversations online: co.mments, coComment and del.icio.us.  I recommend each of these three tools to you and promise that using them well will improve your blogging.

The one-sentence version: By using a combination of coComment, del.icio.us and co.mments, I am able to make and track dozens of conversations that I participate in every week.

I'd be interested to know what comment tracking methods you use.  How do you keep track of the comments you leave at other blogs?  Do you regularly follow up to see if someone has responded to your comments?  Do you even make comments around the Web?  How important do you think commenting is to the business blogging skill set?

Leave your comments below or come tell them to me in person tomorrow at my first business blogging Skypecast.

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I use co.mments. I just bookmark posts I want to follow. Some I comment on and want to see what other people write, some are just interesting and I want to read all the comments, not necessarily mine. Since I read my feeds twice I day, I just use the co.mments feed to get a list of all the new comments.

But I do miss two things about del.icio.us. Publishing what I bookmark and tagging. And yes, I'm working on adding these two features.

Assaf, great tool you've got there with co.mments and I hope you continue to develop it!


I get a lot of great feedback on how to improve it, and you can expect a lot of new features coming up in the next months.

Awesome! More competition for coComment means more improvements! :)

I use coComment exclusively. I never figured out how co.mments worked—call me a dumbass—but I did sign up. As to Del.icio.us—not too sure how that worked, either, other than for filing posts. Besides, one is enough for me—too many would be counter-productive for me as these programs are here to help me, rather than the other way around. Sorry, Assaf!

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