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Get Free Blogtipping Icons For Your Blog

March 22, 2007 UPDATE: Welcome to Brandon Hopkins readers. Grab my RSS feed for pro blogging tips and news.

Blogtipping Day is coming up soon (June 1, 2006, to be exact - Blogtipping Day is the first day of each month), and I wanted to give you something special to remember it by.  I am therefore proud to announce the official Blogtipping Icons!

Here they are!

Big Blogtipping Sign (200 x 200):
Big Blogtipping Sign

Small Blogtipping Sign (100 x 100):

Small Blogtipping Sign

Yellow "I Love Blogtipping" Button (150 x 35):

I Love Blogtipping Button - Yellow

White "I Love Blogtipping" Button (150 x 35):

Feel free to use these icons in your blogtipping posts, whether on Blogtipping Day or otherwise.  And if you truly love blogtipping, why not stick a blogtipping button in your sidebar?  I only ask that if you use them, please have them link back to http://www.businessblogwire.com/blogtipping/.  Thank you!

Let me know what you think of these icons.  And thanks to Know More Media for making them!

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Oh...I am so using one of these!

You have such coolness I am blown away!

(Waving hand Obi-Wan style) Yes. You *are* blown away by my coolness. You *will* use my blogtipping icons. That's right ...

:) Always glad to have you stop by, Liz.

Very nice, I'll be using these for sure! Thanks for the heads-up, Easton.

OK, I'll bite.

I'm a fairly-newbie, and from Texas (home of a lot of cowtipping) so I want one of these BAD.

What do I do to get it? Right click and do something? I never can get button thingies to work on my BootsnAll blog so I just put "plain" links on my blogroll.

Help me rise to this challenge. :)

Thanks, Sheila
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Dude ! I am so gonna put one of these on my blog !

Chris and Mike, I'm glad you like the blogtipping icons. My wife actually made an awesome bumper sticker for our car that says "I Love Blogtipping." Ride the wave.

Sheila, here's how to put an image in your blogroll. Right-click on the image and save it to your desktop or a convenient folder. Then upload the image to your blogging platform and insert it at the desired spot in your blogroll. I'll email you more details.

I forgot to acknowledge Liz (not Strauss) as my first commenter above. (It was all Liz Strauss's fault, confusing me by commenting right after Liz #1!). Thanks Liz, and happy blogging!

nice work done dude! i am impressed. Thanks for making one in white - it goes with my blog theme :-) you should do these more.

Glad you like it, Jack. We'll keep this ball rolling!

It took me awhile, and a minor bit editing, to add one of them to my site, but I did it! You'd have to look kinda close to find it, if it weren't for the hint that I left that's a dead give-away ;)


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Can anybody explain me what is "blogtipping"?

Barry - blogtipping is where you publish a blog post wherein you offer compliments and blogging tips to one or more bloggers. The typical blogtipping post offers three compliments and one tip to each of three bloggers. The first calendar day of each month is Blogtipping Day.

Now you know what to do, Barry!

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