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Seven Essential Traits Of Highly Effective Business Bloggers
Effective Bloggers.jpgDarren Rowse, one of my favorite bloggers, has started a group writing project called "Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers."  I've taken a slightly modified approach to Darren's topic.  I want to share with you seven essential character attributes or traits of highly effective business bloggers.

(Note: I take "effective bloggers" to generally mean "bloggers who achieve their blogging goals;" I also agree with Darren that there are potentially many ways to define or be "effective.")

1. Confidence
2. Humility
3. Kindness
4. Sincerity
5. Integrity
6. Patience
7. Diligence

1. Confidence - A highly effective business blogger believes in herself.  She knows that she can make a difference in the world through her blogging.  She trusts in her own ability to blog effectively.

2. Humility - A successful business blogger balances his confidence with humility.  He knows he is not perfect, and he actively seeks to learn from other bloggers' words and examples.  Whenever he learns something new, he implements it.

3. Kindness - The most effective business bloggers are cordial and polite, friendly and inviting.  They attract you to their businesses by offering you a friendly hand and sincerely kind words.

4. Sincerity - The effective business blogger is not fake to any degree.  She attracts readers and listeners to her business blog by being real, sincere, honest, open, and true to herself.  She says what she really thinks.

5. Integrity - A truly effective biz blogger's thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony with each other.  He tells the truth, reports responsibly, admits mistakes, and keeps promises.

6. Patience - No business blogger is perfect.  But the most effective ones are patiently trying to improve day by day.  They don't get frustrated easily, and they don't stay frustrated for long.  They roll with the punches, take criticism well, delete spam tirelessly, and refuse to give up.

7. Diligence - Above all, a great business blogger is diligent.  Zealous to a fault, she gives each post her best effort and works harder and smarter as time passes.  She is constantly, tirelessly looking for ways to drive relevant traffic to her blog and to help her blog visitors personally.

I am striving to improve in all seven of these areas and I invite you to do so as well.  I promise that as you work to become more confident, humble, kind, sincere, integral, patient and diligent as a business blogger, you'll also become a better and more effective individual in all of those ways as well.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you continued success in your blogging!  Let us all know what you think of these ideas.  Feel free to add to or comment on anything.

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I like these... I think one and 4 I have down fairly well... but I sure have a ways to go with patience... Hurry up and answer me on this one... Ok... Easton.. see I move fast and have to keep slowing down to fit in the patient stuff.... How long does that trait take to develop anyway? See what I mean...?

thanks for the reminder easton! I am trying to be those you mentioned in my blogging.


I liked Darren's writing project so much I decided to participate. Great post by the way! You can find my post, with a healthcare twist, at www.healthcarevox.com.



I'm not so good with patience, but you've inspired me to give it a try. I just launched a new blog (www.consultantjournal.com), but I've been doing business blogging for a few years. I hadn't run into your site before, so I'm glad I decided to take part in Darren Rowse's project.

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