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May 2
The BlogBurst Debate: Who Will Benefit?
BlogBurst Logo.gifI have a question for you.  Please post your answer below.

Question: Who will benefit from BlogBurst?

I think many bloggers will benefit from BlogBurst.  Would you object to a post from your blog appearing in a major newspaper or at a major news website, along with your name and URL - at no cost to you?  (I didn't think so.)  All you're doing if you sign up with BlogBurst is accessing one more potential source of incoming traffic to your blog.

The key benefit to BlogBurst, I think, is the exposure that you'll get.  People you never could have reached otherwise will come to your blog wanting to learn more, and they'll come trusting that your voice matters because they first heard it through BlogBurst.

The only possible drawback I see is that BlogBurst requires you to give them a full feed of your blog, without embedded ads.  To me, the benefits outweigh the potential costs.  Can't you just create one feed especially for BlogBurst and another that includes ads if you like?

Some bloggers worry that BlogBurst will make money off of their content without rewarding them at all.  You can follow some of the ongoing BlogBurst debate at ProBlogger and TechCrunch.

A few hours ago, BlogBurst's Dave Panos explained the service's plans at ProBlogger.  Listen to Dave:

"We have repeatedly said that we will have a blogger compensation track after we get out of the lighthouse period. Everyone needs to see how the system works before weighing in on the monetization approach for Publishers, Bloggers and Pluck. This is all in the spirit of cooperating to build a system where everybody can win. Second, all posts do provide full attribution back to the blogger, including their byline, a photo/icon, a link to their blog and a link to the specific post. That’s a lot of very valuable exposure — and the key ingredient."

Sounds very fair to me!  I think Aaron Brazell, Darren Rowse and Quick Online Tips would agree with me.

If you have a corporate blog, you should strongly consider joining the free BlogBurst program.  Give it a shot and you'll be surprised how much you may reap from letting BlogBurst sow your posts everywhere!

(Disclosure: I'm enrolled in BlogBurst, as are several other Know More Media authors, such as Jeff Carr, Razib Ahmed, Bill Belew, Marshall Sponder, and Maria Palma.)

So: Who do you think will benefit from BlogBurst?  It's okay to say "nobody" - but please defend your answer.


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Thanks for your note on Blogburst. Definitely companies will benefit and also the "nobodies" that want to get their blogs noticed. I'm not a big fan of ads in posts as it ruins the spirit of blogging.

Chad H.

Chad, thanks for adding your opinion here. Have you come across examples of ads in RSS feeds or in blog posts that bothered you? I'd like to know more about that.

I am from Bangladesh, a South Asian country and I have got 3 blogs listed in Blogburst (including at Know More Media). I am not that much concerned about getting compensation from Blogburst. If they give money to others, I will get it too but I see it as an exclusive list. I know many bloggers who applied and got refused. So, it is like a feather in my blogging cap. BlogBurst is getting a lot of media coverage and now in the Blogging world, it is known to most bloggers. So, when I say that I have 3 blogs listed there naturally many bloggers consider me as a serious and skilled blogger.
My other two blogs are:

Take a look at the blogosphere pulse for this story Easton:

Thanks Robyn!

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