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May 6
Tracking A Healthy Epidemic: The Link Leak Virus Explained
Domino Effect.jpgHere is some top-secret information I've uncovered regarding the Link Leak Virus.

Name: Virusicus Linkilikus, AKA "The Link Leak Virus" (or LLV for the acronym-obsessed).

History: See Martin Neumann's excellent summary.

Symptoms: Healthy pleasure in linking to high-quality resources on a regular basis; lack of selfishness and highmindedness; confidence that blog readers will return if fed good links regularly.

Treatment: There is no reliable way to treat this highly contagious virus.  Some have hypothesized that the only way to eradicate the Link Leak Virus is to re-emphasize to bloggers that a blogger's blog is her castle, and that therefore all who enter must be subject to her words and her words only, without any outlinking of any kind.

Disclaimer: The information above is meant with a dash of humor and not to be taken seriously as a notice of any physically harmful virus :).  Also, the more a person succumbs to this powerful virus, the more he envisions the Web as a tool to connect  people, rather than to disconnect them.  Truth be told, I wish all people were infected with LLV.  Especially corporate bloggers who think their business blog is the only resource worth linking to.

Now go spread a little link leakin' love while you gear up for Blogtipping Day on June 1st, 2006!


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