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May 2
Update: First Blogtipping Day A Fun, Tip-Filled Success
I was amazed at how many of you - and your friends, and even their friends - went blogtipping with me yesterday.  The Technorati "blogtipping" tag, which lay dormant prior to this grand experiment, now boasts links to several excellent, thoughtful, fun blogtipping exploits.  Here's an incomplete list of May 1, 2006 blogtippers and blogtippees.  Thank you for participating!

Blogtipping Honor Roll, May 1, 2006:
Liz Strauss
Liz Thompson
Mike Barlow
Martin Neumann
Mike Sansone
Phil Gerbyshak
Tom Vander Well
Greg Balanko-Dickson
Joseph Thornley
Chris Clarke

Let's make next Blogtipping Day, June 1st (it's the first day of every month), even more special.  Do you think I should offer prizes?  What would you do if you were in my shoes, watching the surprisingly quick viral spread of a decent idea?  How would you capitalize on it in order to benefit the greatest number of people?

Learn more about blogtipping:
May 1, 2006 - the first Blogtipping Day
How to go blogtipping
Technorati index of posts tagged "blogtipping"

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I joined in the first blogtipping day as well. I'm glad to read that this will be a recurring monthly event. I still haven't figured out Technorati tags but maybe by next month I'll be able to "officially" join in. I did by first Blogtipping on May first though so unofficially I was here from day one.

Jennia, thanks for your excellent blogtipping efforts! I'm sure others will appreciate the links and ideas you're sharing via this fun little idea. Lookin' forward to July 1st!

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