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Jun 1
Blogtipping Day June 2006: My Three Blogtippees
Happy Blogtipping Day, everyone!

I'm excited to go blogtipping today!  I want to highlight three excellent, totally unsuspecting blogs that business bloggers should read.  I'll give each blog three compliments and one helpful suggestion.  Feel free to critique my blogtipping technique and add your additional blogtips for these fine bloggers.  The more we work together, the happier we'll be.

Blogtippee #1: Better Business Blogging by Mark White

Praise - Your posts are very detailed and contain tons of information that is perfect for anyone interested in business blogging.

Praise - Extremely smart blog design.  The about links along the top, the friendly color scheme, the tightly-written posts ... excellent!

Praise - I love your free multi-step business blogging e-course.  You execute it very well from start to finish and you make it easy as pie for people to subscribe to it.

Tip - Either in your right-hand column or somewhere else prominent, I suggest you offer visitors a list of excellent corporate blogs.  You've already got the "Required Reading" box at right that shows links to several blogs that deal with the subject of business blogging - and I think it would be great if you also displayed a list of exemplary corporate blogs.

Blogtippee #2: Triangle Direct Web Design Blog by Lou and Corporate Blogger

Praise - Your posts always relate to corporate blogging.  You post frequently (several times a week) about a variety of subtopics.

Praise - You use targeted keywords liberally in your post titles, and you make it look natural.  I'm sure you're getting some good organic traffic coming to your blog.

Praise - You blog in a conversational way, with an informal tone and often responding to articles you've read on the Web.  This is a great way to get people to engage with you in conversation.

Tip - Who are you?  Please put an "about" page or link to your bio somewhere on your blog.  If you do have that already, I couldn't find it.  Make it easy for people to know you, maybe see your picture, and get your contact info.

Blogtippee #3: e-Bizz by Christopher Salazar

Praise - Nice design!  Just the right variety of colors for me, and you keep it simple and uncluttered.

Praise - Great job keeping your categories organized.  You currently have 21, and that's probably about as many as you want to have.  Messy categories are a bit like runaway rose bushes - you sometimes have to prune them in order for them to grow more fully.  (I'm not practicing as well as I preach on this point, I know!)

Praise - Your blog is very sticky - that is, it's hard to stop reading!  Your posts are detailed and original, and you publish frequently - at least a few times a week.  Nice use of highlighting and excellent linking.  The appropriate and thoughtful images add spice to your posts, too.

Tip - Encourage more visitor comments.  Maybe add a box to your sidebar showing recent comments made at your blog?  Look for more ways to motivate the visitor to comment at your posts.

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These are great tips because they are each so specific Easton. They also related to the content as well as to tools for future blogs ... so that people could see their context currently and save for use in the next blog. I love the clarity, sequencing, edge and fun of your writing!

Would it be useful in the suggestions section to ask a few poignant questions that would stir more curiosity from the blogger and generate a further unpacking of the ideas? Just a thought I had...and wondered what you think?

I got a late start today on my blogtipping but I'm looking forward to reading the blogs you shared and your reasons for sharing them.

I'm really loving this Blogtipping thang!


Thank you for your blogtip! Also, good tip on trying to get more comments. I will definately try some methods to get people commenting.

Christopher Salazar


I like where you're going with this. Please feel free to tip me anytime.


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Great sites!

Thanks for your comments, friends! I might just blogtip a few more of you (and even blogs that you don't yet know about) in the coming months!

Remember that we all could use a little free, helpful advice from others who care.

Thanks for the comments, Easton, and also for the advice. It's very gratifying when someone takes the time and effort to offer advice in this way and I much appreciate it. I am currently gathering information about good corporate and business blogs that I come across (particularly UK based) and will make sure to include them not only in the relevant categories but also a section in the sidebar which is a great idea. Thanks again!

Simple tips but concise. A general rule that applies to most of cases.

and i would add, participate in readers' comments, read them, accept criticism and reply!

sorry for my coscience flow...:) but i would add also the need for having a clean blog design, without tons of advertising, cookies, etc...
i don't want to promote anybody, but my favorite blog is Guy Kawasaki's blog: http://blog.guykawasaki.com
....damn...it's not my blog...:(

Then...think your blog as a book, identify your target, satisfy their needs. Your blog is a product you have to sell, not your personal diary.

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