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Jun 8
If I Don't Keep This Blogging Goal, You Can Have My PEZ Dispenser
blog-goals.gifDarren Rowse is at it again with another smart group blogging project.  Last time the theme was habits of highly effective bloggers; this time it's blogging goals in general.

In the spirit of Darren's call for variety, and in a last-ditch attempt to kill forever a longstanding bad blogging habit of mine, I hereby publicly set a blogging goal, with a condition attached to my failure to complete it.

Yoda Pez.jpgMy goal: Post at least three times each day, Monday through Friday, through the end of June 2006 (hence, June 8-9, 12-16, 19-23, and 26-30).

If I don't keep my goal: I will give my priceless Yoda PEZ dispenser, the symbol of my Know More Media blogging efforts, to the first person who accuses me of failing to keep my goal.

Why am I doing this?

- Because, as Darren has said, if you tell your goal to the world on your blog, you're more likely to keep it.
- Because I really, really feel like I need to prove to myself that I can blog prolificly, consistently, for three full weeks (I figure if I can do it for that long, then I should be able to keep up the habit as long as I deem it a good one).
- Because I know someone out there loves Yoda and/or PEZ as much as I do.

The fine print:

- If you think of any rules I ought to add or change here to close any loopholes, let me know in the comments.
- I'm not concerned about Saturdays (if I post, great, if not, great) and I don't plan to post on Sundays.
- VERY IMPORTANT: Every post has to be genuinely good.  I know this is essentially a subjective measure, but I don't want to give myself any excuses.  So all three of my posts each weekday must be relevant to the subject of business blogging and show evidence of careful consideration on my part.  If you see a post that you think is subpar, tell me so and the PEZ may well be yours.

So watch me closely, folks - if I falter, the PEZ dispenser is yours.  Oh, and one more thing - all the PEZ candy in my possession will be, too!

(Note to self: Do not screw this one up, dude!  The world is watching!)

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I think everyone wishes you the best Easton. Three posts per day is ambitious for most people, but I'm sure you can pull it off.

Just don't burn out!

I think keeping the goal to a relatively short period of time (end of June) is smart.

And even if you miss out, I'd have a hard time stealing your Yoda PEZ. I'd probably run a contest on my blog so you could win it back. :)

Thanks for the encouragement, Ben. Three big things will help me here:

1. My pride - don't wanna lose that Yoda!
2. Forcing myself to post all the thoughts that otherwise are left in my mind, especially as I read hundreds of posts through my feedreader each day
3. Pre-scheduling my posts whenever possible - oh, what a difference that makes!

An admirable goal Easton! Hold on to Yoda - he rocks. I'm routing for you.

Hey Easton,
I have trouble getting one post a day sometimes. 3 a day is even a little much for dedicated people like you.
I hope you make it, I wouldn't want to take your Yoda away.

Yoda says, "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

3X a day is a lot, but you have a topic that lends itself to that....and I must also assume that you have no life! :)

IMO Pez candies taste like soap, but the dispensers ARE cool (is it a myth that eBay started as a Pez dispenser auction site?)

Good luck and keep my RSS feed humming, Sheila

Family Travel: See The World With Your Kids

I have bookmarked your page. (but i don't want your pez dispenser.) thanks for your email help!

Good luck, Easton. If I didn't already have a pez dispenser, I would be counting posts like mad.

As you can see by my goals post, I should never, ever promise something like that. It can take me up to ten years to screw up my goals...

At last! I have found a way to get the coveted PEZ dispenser without having to post everyday for KnowMoreMedia . . . I wonder if I call Tanya Harding whether she knows someone in Salt Lake City hmmmmmm

Darn. That's the gremlin inside my computer talking Easton. Pay no attention.

You never post less than that do you? Who would want to separate you from a close like your Yoda Pez dispenser?
Liz -- the nice one.

Thanks, all, for scaring me even more! :)

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So, how often are you going to write your posts? I've been struggling with pre-scheduling vs. actually writing every day. The pre-sched certainly makes more sense from a time management standpoint, but I also want the discipline of a regular writing schedule. What's a blogger to do?

Claire, hot off the presses is my initial response to your thought-provoking question. Hope that helps a little!

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