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Are The Most Popular CEO and Corporate Blogs Really Any Good?
For the most part, yes.  But there are glaring problems with many of the corporate blogs and company CEO blogs that are most highly ranked in Technorati.  There should be a group of people that regularly dredges that field for weeds, pests and broken glass.  I've done some initial poking around and I hope you'll fact-check me.

On July 16, Mario Sundar at Marketing Nirvana posted his "Top 10 Corporate Blogs," having scoured Technorati's rankings to find the ten corporate blogs with the highest number of domains linking to them.  Mario did a great job, and I told him I'm willing to help him tabulate such rankings in the future.

As I analyzed the top ten in Mario's list, I saw some problems:

- Several remain unclaimed in Technorati.  Tsk, tsk.  This includes the official Google blog, which also only has three tags assigned to it out of a potential twenty.  C'mon Google, claim your blog and add some tags like "google blog" and "corporate blog" already!

- The number 10 blog, that of The Otter Group, appeared not to have been updated in over 130 days.  So I went ahead and pinged Trati for them.  You owe me one, guys!  Oh, and claim your blog too!

Mario also recently published a list of his 10 favorite CEO blogs.  Again, I saw some glaring deficiencies with several of them:

- Only two corporate heads had claimed their blogs in Technorati (Jonathan Schwartz and Craig Newmark)

- I had to ping Schwartz's blog, as Trati hadn't indexed his posts for three months (Jonathan, you owe me one as well!)

- The author of the Return Path CEO blog was all but anonymous - I only discovered the name Matt Blumberg in the tiny copyright notice.  No name even on the "about" page.

- The Kevin Lynch (Adobe Chief Architect) blog has not been updated since October 2005 - the month my blog was born!

- iUpload CEO Robin Hopper has posted just once since May 11 of this year.  Not good, especially for the head of a corporate blogging software company!

Business Blogging Tip: Once a month, make sure Technorati is indexing all of your blog posts.  Simply go to http://technorati.com/ping and refresh Technorati's memory if it's gotten out of date.

Conclusion: I'm not bashing Mario's lists.  On the contrary, I thank him for them!  My point here is simply that popularity rarely correlates perfectly with quality.  So, discussions of "top" business blogs should clarify, as Mario's have, whether "top" means highest-ranked or favorite or best.  And somebody needs to take the ball Mario and I and others have started to roll and pick it up and run with it.

In other words, let's set up a corporate blog watch group.  What do you say, world?

July 24, 2006 - Update: I've corrected the link to Kevin Lynch's blog to reflect the fact that he is not Adobe's CEO, but rather its Chief Architect.  I've also fixed the publication date of this post - now correctly reading July 22 instead of July 24.

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Nice work, and very thorough info you've laid out there.

You think some of these companies would be more on the ball, but I guess they need you looking out for them.

Hi Easton,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your constructive thoughts on how to improve further the Top 10 blog listings.

My goal has been to provide the rankings of the Top 10 corporate and CEO blogs (w/ the PRWiki as the source) per their current monthly status on Technorati.

I think what Technorati stands for is popularity in terms of how many bloggers link to those posts. But you raise a few valid points about how current the blog posts are.

I also thank you for offering to maintain the lists and look forward to collaborating with you shortly.

Talk to you soon.

Well Easton I'm glad to know that Technorati is not just picking on us newbies when they don't update their index!! I ping them every time I post now.

Great job on this by the way. My current favorite CEO blog is by Richard Charkin, Macmillan, UK. http://charkinblog.macmillan.com/

I'll have to check out the rest of the list.

Interesting article. I am not sure we need a corporate blog watch group so much as a new look at how blogs are ranked. If they aren't being updated or claimed perhaps they are over ranked and need to slide into obscurity?

Just a thought :-)

great research!

Check out my new blog post: The worst Fortune 500 blogs - Part I.

Chad H.

PS - I'll be part of your corporate watch group.

I like this reminder for quality... Sometimes in all the pings... tracks... links... and traffic tags... I find myself just wanting to read and write quality. It's great to find it ALWAYS here Easton. Thanks for the great tips and lists that inspire the rest of us to quality!

Our blog http://ottergroup.com is updated at least once a week. On what are you basing your data?

Great comments, everyone.

Thanks for that link, Ann! I'll check it out.

Greg, it makes me wish Technorati let you easily generate a rankings list based on other criteria besides number of inlinking domains, at least as far as blogs are concerned. I know that there are already several ways to see "last updated" results, but those focus on posts.

Chad, you're in! I'll have a look at your post as well.

Kathleen, I know that you update your blog often. But Technorati, for over four months, didn't (or maybe at some point their constant tweaking deleted some of your pings?). That's why I said your blog "appeared" not to have been updated for a long time.

So I pinged Technorati for you so that it would recheck your site for newer entries. Sure enough, it's working now.

I think you're doing a great job with your blog, Kathleen - just remember to check regularly that Technorati is pinging you; otherwise, the pings may stop working properly and someone searching or info about your blog in Technorati might get the impression that you haven't posted in a long time.

Easton --

Thanks for the feedback. I added my name to my about page and to the subtitle of the blog, so hopefully that helps.

I'm at a little bit of a loss about Technorati. I claimed my blog two years ago on it, which it seems to remember when I log in, but it says "last updated 109 days ago," which is not true!

Any suggestions?


Matt, thanks for making yourself easier to identify. I like your blog a lot - perhaps especially since it doesn't call itself a blog!

To fix the 109 days thang, just go to technorati.com/ping and, er, ping Technorati. Check that page regularly.

Blogs are stupid


Hey Easton. I found this post an interesting part of CEO blog evolution. So I added it to my "Brief History of CEO Blog Coverage." My name is linked to it, if you'd like to see some other CEO blog commentary over the years.

Take care!

Brandon Cornett
CEO Blog Watch

Awesome - thanks Brandon!

Very nice site

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