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coComment Now Tracks All Blog Comments
A new version of the coComment blog comment tracker has just been launched.  Here's the announcement from the official coComment blog.  My cup runneth over.

Jack Yan, the alltime most prolific coCommenter, has blogged about this, but so far the buzz has been almost nonexistent.  Now is the time to talk about it - coComment has taken a big step toward becoming the world's first bona fide comment search engine and comment tracking community.  Monetization opportunities now become clearer for both coComment and potential search and advertising partners.

Cocomment Logo.gifThe main coComment improvements are:

- The ability to track ALL comments left at a page, regardless of whether the commenters are coComment users.  Killer feature.
- The ability to track comments at a page without making a comment yourself.  Killer feature.
- The ability to converse with other coCommenters at any Web page that does not allow commenting.
- A tidier interface that lets you filter your conversations by type (blogs, forums, etc.), add people or web pages as favorites, and more.

I'll be testing the new coComment Firefox extension and website out a lot today.  If it works as promised, all other blog comment tracking services (including co.mments and Commentful) may have just become practically obsolete.

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Thanks for the tip, Easton! Great upgrade. This will be big for businesses and market research.

Agreed, Mike. I'm playing with coCo right now and will have an update later. Hopefully I'll explain the "why" of it all - this ain't just another nifty toy. I really need it or something like it to help me be as productive as possible.

Co.mments is stll actually the one I currently prefer, and far from "practically obsolete" because of the quality of the news feed Co.mments creates: full comment, clear authorship, and ease of getting back to the blog post.

And there's the rub, Lloyd - co.mments is still excellent and a bit more advanced in some ways - so I still find myself using a combination of co.mments and coComment (and sometimes Commentful). I want there to be one tool to rule them all!

Have you tried coComment much, Lloyd? What pros and cons have you seen?

Ah - I see your post, Lloyd - thanks for the explanation. Very interesting - similar to me in that you have a combination going.

Yes, one ring please.

Thank you for the link, Easton. I believe this is an important step for coComment. The only concern I really have is if people get overwhelmed with so many comments now being tracked.

I couldn't get the extension to install in Firefox.

Jack, I think that's a valid point. Hopefully coComment can evolve to where it helps you sift the important comments from the unimportant ones - or, the urgent conversations from the less urgent ones.

Darren, what version of Firefox?

We spoke too soon, Easton: looks like you can filter your conversations to a limited set!
   I do have some remaining qualms, such as the disappearance of the “open thread in new window” icon. I can no longer “add” new comments by using the old Control-A method—I have to submit to coCo for capturing, which cuts out all of Jason Calcanis’s blogs (Autoblog, etc.) and any on Haloscan. I have to wait nine seconds before I can submit a post for capture, and the Blogger comments’ page changes layout each time the bookmarklet is activated. So there are still problems, but I have every faith in the coCo guys.

Another reason to love the new coComment - it told me this when I visited my conversations page this morning:

"There are other tracked conversation(s) associated to this computer. Maybe you just forgot to login once while commenting or asking us to track a conversations.

Are these conversations those you would like to track?"

Boy howdy, yeah!

Unfortunately the new CoComment Firefox plugin has some serious privacy issues: http://mobilesociety.typepad.com/mobile_life/2006/08/cocomments_big_.html

Martin, thanks for posting about that. I asked the coCo team about it and they said it's not an issue. But I think we need to hear more from them about how user privacy is protected. Hopefully your thoughts will elicit a more specific answer from them.

It's not that we don't think it's an issue! It is however something that comes with the territory.

For the automatic-mode to work the way it does, the extension needs to pass that information to our servers. Of course, we only use that data in order to provide the features the extension offers, but the automatic-mode is probaably not something for those that are troubled by the concept in general.

These users will likely not mind if they have to click to enable coComment on a page and should stick with the bookmarklet or the manual-mode instead.

Hello Chris,
thanks for leaving a comment. I think the idea itself is great. However, your web page should inform users prior to the download of the Firefox plugin what kind of information is transmitted to your servers. Users can then decide if it's o.k. for them that a plugin sends every URL to go to to your server or instead use the bookmarklet which gives them more privacy.

a new web 2.0 start up
I given , i received a mail this evening, it has “scrounged up” 1500$ from generous souls.

Wow, a comment search engine. This would be a great tool. May i know if this is the first of its kind?

First I know of, Ivan.

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