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Speedlinking Friday: Business Blogging Tips Out the Wazoo
In honor of Brian Clark's Link Karma, and in order to pass important business blogging resources on to you that I simply can't digest more fully right now, I give you ... Speedlinking Friday!

First, listen to a free interview by the Entrepreneur Doctors, Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo, with bigtime pro blogger Steve Pavlina on how to make money blogging.  Enjoy hearing more than 60 minutes of blogging tips while you read the other links I'll share with you right now :).

Next up, Matt Ambrose gives ten SEO tips for getting keywords from your blog into the top ten search results on major search engines, "in 51 days."  Matt, I like your style.  Subscribed!

Can't get enough of blog stats?  I've just found ToolURL via Steve Rubel.  Very addicting free SEO tool set for webmasters (and therefore most bloggers).  Give it a whirl and learn more about your blog's growth and performance.

Then get inspiration for your business blog's logo in LogoPond, a new logo critiquing community.  For example, I uploaded the Know More Media logo and am already getting feedback about it.

Now trot over to Folkd, a new free site where you can promote your blog.  Looks to me like a cross between StumbleUpon and Digg.

Remember the new Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) one2one corporate blog?  After my initial 4/10 review, I'd now give it a 5 for consistent posting and for speaking openly about issues that affect its customers, like bloatware and pricing complexity.  Go visit the one2one blog and leave your feedback in the comments.  Let's keep Dell on the corporate blogging ball!

Not sure what to write on your biz blog? Brian Clark, the Copyblogger, shares seven reasons why list posts will always work.  Learn from Brian - he's a master at creating headlines you can't help but click on and content that you can't help but think about and learn from.

Speaking of numbers, John-Paul Micek at Advanced Business Blogging has a great series on the 10 (not quite) commandments of marketing with biz blogs and new media.

Original thinker of the day: John Caddell at Shop Talk says "corporate blogging" is an oxymoron and gives some basic corporate blogging suggestions.

New discovery 1: Just barely discovered this - the Blogger Relations blog - but it looks very interesting and I'll at least be mining its copious sidebar for new links related to business blogging.

New discovery 2: Also just discovered this - the Earners Forum - a place devoted to helping people make money using the Web.  I don't have much experience with online forums and I don't know of many that have lots of original content about corporate blogging, so let me know if you know of any!

If you think any of these links are junk (or maybe treasure), let me know.  Tell us what you've found.  Shoot me an email with your tips (my first name at knowmoremedia dot com) and I'd love to credit you for your trouble.

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Aloha Easton! Thanks for the reference link to the four-part "10 (not quite) Commandments of Marketing With Business Blogs and New media" over at Advanced Business Blogging.

We've got lots of great articles, audio and video podcasts coming in the next two months as we prepare for our publisher's release of our new book "Secrets of Online Persuasion." We'd love to get your feedback and comments on the book pre-release. If you're interested, just drop me an email and I'll arrange to get you a copy.

Enjoy the weekend.

Thanks, John Paul - I'll fire off an email to ya. Best wishes on the new book.

Pointing us to these blogs and tools was a great way to end the week, Easton. I'll be going mining at the Blogger Relations blog to see what's what. Thanks!

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