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Jul 6
The 23 Most Critical URLs Where You Should Submit Your Blog or Feed

Update:Jeremy at Jesus Encounter let me know that Findory is dead. I've removed it from the list below.

As a blog network editor, I submit each new Know More Media blog to as many of the top blog and feed directories as I can.  If you want to save yourself some time (and therefore money), these tips should help you.  Your traffic (and hopefully revenue) will increase as you add your blog/feed to as many high-quality directories as you can.

I've scoured long lists of blog/feed submission links such as the ones you'll find at Pingoat, TopRankResults, Lights and MasterNewMedia.  The problem with these lists is that, along with the gems, they also include some ugly pebbles and clods of dirt (read: junk links).  So I've decided to include here my must-have list of places to submit your blog or feed.  Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.  (I also plan to include this info soon in my wiki about business blogging.)

Here you go (in alphabetical order) - the 23 most critical (that is, first) places you should submit your blog or feed (or even individual posts):

Boing Boing
MSN Search
Pluck FeedFinder
RSS Micro
Technorati Ping
Technorati Blog Finder
Yahoo! News
Yahoo! RSS Database
Yahoo! Search

Bonus: FeedPing takes care of a few extra directories.  And FeedBurner is an excellent feed enhancer.  Oh, and iBlogBusiness is especially for business blogs.

Final Thought: Dad gummit, I can already think of several other sites off the top of my head ... oh well, let's all work on adding to this list together.  It'll make for a great business blog starter checklist!

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Great list there, i made a list of places to submit to but its always good to find a few more!

Thanks Greg! I'll check out your list.

Nice work, EE.

I'll give those a try.

What about Blog Top Sites?


The registration process seems a bit tedious, but it is a large and growing directory. Thanks for the tip, Harry!

Thanks EE for the business directory mention. Make sure you send a link request my way when you have a chance:)

OK Christian :)

Did you check The RSS Top 55 - Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites? I think the list has grown to almost 200.

200-ish? I haven't checked it in a while - thanks, Lorelle!

207 as of today ;-)


Easton, there's a couple of broken links above:
Pluck FeedFinder & PubSub

Thanks for having me focus on the "most critical ones" first.

And, where do we go to register at About? It's confusing over there--as its such a big website.

PubSub is dead. I think FeedFinder might be too. Thanks for finding those and I will try to amend the post.
To register at About, go to any About mini-site you feel relates to your topic - such as http://weblogs.about.com/ - and then find the guide for that site - e.g. http://weblogs.about.com/mbiopage.htm (link is near top at http://weblogs.about.com/). Then click the "Contact the Guide" link and let them know who you are and try to find a way to network with them - maybe do an email interview with them, exchange blogroll links, submit an article to them, etc.

Good point & a nice website and thank you a lot for given this list

We submitted Love Across Borders and our other sites to the above links. Thanks, Easton! :)

Very good stuff..
Thank you for valuable info.

Great list! Thanks for these, I will spend a good hour or two adding my blog to these and another 55 from the other blog I found today: http://www.dotsauce.com/2007/06/06/55-active-rss-directories-to-help-promote-your-feeds/. Thanks again!

Oh and by the way: FeedPing (http://www.feedping.com/) does not work.

Thank you for this list! I agree that these are all great submission sites.

Thanks for the post! I'll make sure I pay a visit to all these sites.


Thanks for the submission tips. What can someone do who submitted links to "everywhere" and now some of those links show up on naughty lists?


Not an easy fix, Traume - I would suggest contacting the shady folks who are still showing links to you and asking them to take down the links.

this is GREAT. you totally rock! thanks so much for the info. i will definitely be watching your space!

The developers and designers at Jupiter labs will not only help your business keep pace with change but we do it with flair.

Thank you, Easton for your article. It was a wonderful one, which saves us all a lot of time. Moreover, thanks to everyone for his/her respective inputs too.

Please may I add the following, which I had found while surfing:

I came across this website, http://www.whoistopofthelist.com. You can write about your site, post and link, as well as a photo. The service is free.

Please comment.

Findory is dead now to. Just thought I would update you if you didn't know

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