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Who is Easton Ellsworth?

Hello, I'm Easton Ellsworth! I write for Business Blog Wire and serve as an associate editor for the Know More Media network of blogs about business.

Contact me at any time.  My email address is (my first name) at knowmoremedia dot com.  My Skype username is my first name, underscore, my last name. Or leave a comment below.

For Know More Media, I help train and support our authors by reviewing their posts and offering them regular feedback.  I also spread the word about our company all I can and try to work with other bloggers to make Business Blog Wire the best possible resource on business blogging.

I've written at Business Blog Wire since October 2005.  Since then I've started blogtipping, saved Yoda and otherwise had a great time.

MyFace.jpgI love learning about and playing with new technology.  I especially love using what I know to benefit others.

I am 25 years old and live in Mesa, Arizona.

Note: This is an updated version of a post published Dec. 8, 2005.

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Luciey, um ... the Hanso Foundation? You mean *this* Hanso Foundation?

If you can tell me what one snowman said to the other, I will tell you everything I know.

There's a tie in to blogging somewhere, I just know it ...

Hello again Easton,

I do indeed mean that Hanso Foundation, I believe that one snowman said to the other snowman "I smell carrots too" or "freeze" or "have a nice day"!
considering i have given three answers, i think this qualifies for you giving me some answers! what do you say?
pretty please?
If possible could you email me on luciey_lostiey@hotmail.com
Thanks very much

Ok one more answer to your question...

"smells like carrots"


Easton, I am curious how you are defining the word "train" in your post? can you elaborate a bit? Thanks for all the great contributions!

Good question, Ellen. When I say that I help train our authors, I mean that, rather than teach them what to say, I help them know how to say it and how to use their blog in such a way as to encourage conversation and build profitable traffic for our network. We want to benefit people around the world and make a living doing so, and so my role is to help authors make the most out of every post and every minute in their blogging workday.

Sounds like the way Einstein solved problems to me. You inspire me, Easton.

Hi Easton, Thanks for making the first comment on my blog blogcoffee.com

Just wondering where you found my blog? It will help me to know what's working.

Great blog by the way, I just subscribed.

Rock on, Kevin! We'll be in touch. I've subscribed to your blog as well. Nice job with it.

Thanks for reading "How I blog and Earn!" I am going to link your other blog as well. Tell me how can I reach you? My email: sajshirazi(at)gmail(dot)com

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