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Aug 1
August 1, 2006: Blogtipping Day Claims Three More Business Bloggers
It's just past midnight here in the Arizona desert.  First day of the month.  Time to go blogtipping!  Hopefully you will learn a good tip or two and discover fine blogs about business blogging through this exercise in discovery and constructive criticism.

Now to surprise some unsuspecting blogtippees!

Blogtipping Victim/Beneficiary #1: Luis Suarez at ELSUA

Compliment 1: Your blog is very meaty.  That is, there's lots of good content being served up regularly.  You also offer plenty of resources in your sidebars.

Compliment 2: You make it very easy for visitors to submit your posts to various social bookmarking services.  It's great that you use such friendly little icons to catch the eye.

Compliment 3: Your blog makes it very simple for first-time visitors to figure out what it's about.  Your categories, your popular posts list, and your consistent posts all remind people that you deal with all things knowledge management-related.

CowBlogtip: Something about your layout seems to need spicing up.  Maybe you should experiment with different background colors and also shrink the width a bit, at least of the middle column, to make it easier for visitors to read your posts.  Oh, and you also deserve a good masthead - check out Logopond for free ideas! ... One more thing: put all that great contact info higher up on the let-hand side.

Blogtipping Victim/Beneficiary #2: Jim Turner's Bloggers For Hire

Compliment 1: Your blog's design is ultra-clean and simple.  I hate clutter, but I do love nifty features, and you do a good job of avoiding the former and providing the latter.

Compliment 2: Great job labeling all the sections in your right-hand sidebar.  It makes it a breeze to know what each set of links is about.

Compliment 3: Your contact info is right up at the top - super easy to access.

Blogtip: Two sub-tips - one, it's been over a month since your last post and I'm sure many would-be pro bloggers are anxiously awaiting your next one - so please start posting again!  And two, please add some personal info to your About page - currently it appears to be in placeholder mode and somewhat barren.

Blogtipping Victim/Beneficiary #3: BlogWrite for CEOs by Debbie Weil

Compliment 1: Beautiful layout.  Smart design, complimentary colors, sticky-note-looking indented quotes, etc.  I love it!

Compliment 2: Your mug shot and "about"/subscribe_info_are_up_top._Very_important_And_I_love_the_calls_to_action___"Receive posts via email!", "Grab Your Feeds", "Buy the Book," etc.

Compliment 3: You plug your book and your speaking/consulting services in non-annoying ways.  In other words, you talk about corporate blogging and share a relevant paragraph from your book, or a professional experience you've had.  Makes me more interested in those things, without you needing to yell them at me.  Nicely done!

Blogtip: I can't figure out how you pronounce your last name.  Maybe you could explain that near the top of your "About" page.  Well, and what's "PGP Key" supposed to mean?  Maybe that's just some code detritus?  There's a wealth of info on that page, and I just think it might need to be re-organized or condensed so as not to overwhelm or confuse.

Ah, that was great.  Hope it helps my blogtippees.  And the rest of you, too, of course.  Let me know what thoughts you have.

Until September 1st, this is Business Blogtipper Easton, signing off!

(Not to worry - later today I'll serve up more for you about blogtipping as well as non-blogtipping-related business blogging topics.)

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PGP Key = Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption system, part of any good business blogger's bag of tricks. :)

You learn something new every day here. Thanks Brian! ... I still wonder why the words "PGP Key" would need to be displayed, though.

The "key" is the code that allows for an encrypted email exchange to occur. Since email is horribly insecure, anything sensitive should be encrypted. There are simpler solutions though, like Hush Mail (www.hush.com).

Wooohooo ! Where was I ? I completely missed out on this one, Easton ! hehe

"Now to surprise some unsuspecting blogtippees"
You surely did with me ! Thanks ever so much for the great tips and also for the link love. Yes, indeed, you have pointed out a number of different items that I have been thinking about myself and with which I have already started looking for a more suitable theme to go along the suggestions you mentioned above. Thus expect those changes would be taking place really soon ! Thanks for the heads up!

Oh, and regarding the blogtipping initiative, what a refreshing way to help promote some other blogs that you may be reading out there along the way ! I think I may have missed out this time around since I am pretty booked for the rest of the day but one thing for sure is that I have already made a note of it for next month and will get going with it as well. Guess who is going to be my first victim, errr, beneficiary ,-)

Thanks for the follow-up, Brian - I was clueless.

Luis, I'm glad you like the idea of blogtipping! You know, every month there are some folks who go blogtipping on the 2nd or the 3rd, or even the 17th if they like. I just picked the first day of each month as a good time for the blogtipping tradition because that way it's easier for everyone to remember.

I know my own blog needs lots of improvement and I like getting feedback from people on this day as well.

Glad you liked the surprise!

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