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Blog Day, Blog Surprise Day, and Blogtipping Eve: Whew!
It's the monthly Blogtipping Eve right now in the United States (you've been warned).  It's also the annual BlogDay and the monthly Blog Surprise Day.  I've decided to combine the latter two in this post as I gear up for some blogtipping tomorrow.

These memes highlight the value of regularly telling your readers about other useful blogs.

Here we go.  These five blogs are new to me (and perhaps you).  I found them via a Google Blog Search for ["first post" business].  Check 'em out, welcome to the blogosphere, and learn from their design and posting behavior.

Success from the Nest - Tips for parents desiring to work from home in order to spend more time with their family.  I've been blessed to have that desire fulfilled.

Interface21 Team Blog - The multi-author corporate blog for Interface21, which offers software-related support, training and consulting services.

Veritas Vos Liberabit - Software developer Dave Persing shares his personal thoughts and experiences on any subject he wants.

pho-to-blog - mr-marcel posts about photos he takes while on an internship at the business service center for the municipality of Gdansk, Poland.

myliferevisited - A work-from-home mom and realtor describes herself in her introductory post.  She says, "Anyone out there...a little help. [...] I don't really know what I'm doing, but I will figure it out."  You're not alone!  We've got whole teams of blogtippers here to help you get started blogging :).

Now I'm off to notify each of these five blogs that they're unwitting participants in Blog Surprise and BlogDay festivities.

Happy Blogtipping Day tomorrow, everyone!

Blogtipping Icon
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