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Problogger Job Board: Another Way to Find A Blogging Job
Calling all would-be pro bloggers: Darren Rowse at Problogger has announced the creation of a Problogger Job Board (feed).  You can create a blog job listing for $50 (soon to be $100), which sounds fair to me given that thousands of avid bloggers read Problogger every day.

What does this mean for bloggers seeking paid blogging jobs?  Well, Problogger's new job board probably won't kill off anyone else's - after all, wouldn't you want to post about a blogging job opening at your own blog and other places as well as a place like Problogger?  Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of bloggers and companies will look to the Problogger board not only as an opportunity to connect, but also as a barometer of sorts for the blogging economy.  The more jobs listed there, the merrier, right?  (Well, assuming they're snatched up regularly.)

Weighing in: Brian Clark at Copyblogger sees the new Problogger job board as evidence that blogging as a phenomenon is maturing: "Blogging is a real 21st century job description."  Like me, Brian recommends posting a listing to multiple online boards if possible.

Another thumbs-up: Aaron Brazell at The Blog Herald says Problogger's new board and others like it possess a likable "charm" and overcome the "lack of cohesiveness demonstrated by other blogs-turned-classifieds sites."  I also like the idea of a board layout as opposed to a blog format for job listings because it's easier to scan and search through a large number of listings in a tabular way.

Game time: How many listings will be up at the Problogger board by October 1st?  My guess is 42.  What's yours?

If you don't want to spend any money to look for a pro blogger, Performancing Exchange is a great free place to post a blogger job listing.

Bonus link: The CrunchBoard by TechCrunch has lots of cool, geeky Web 2.0 job listings.

Further reading material: Bloggers For Hire or Blogger Jobs are two of my favorite blogs about blogging jobs.

Thirsty or more?  Learn how to find blogging jobs using search feeds.  Or browse my archive of posts about jobs for bloggers.

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