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Revisiting Blog Promotion: A Few Favorite Links
Lately as I've helped start up NewOrleansTruth (a blog dealing with the recovery of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast since last year's Hurricane Katrina), I've done my best to learn about the New Orleans-area blogging community.  I've been very busy finding, subscribing to and reading as many NOLA blogs as I can.  I've been privileged to meet and learn from dozens of wonderful New Orleans area bloggers.  Along the way, I've noticed that some of these blogs could benefit from a few tips on how to spread the word about a blog.  So here are some links that they (and you) hopefully would find helpful in promoting or telling the world about your blog:

- Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall at SEOBook share 101 ways to build link popularity.

- Dean at Dean's World posted some useful blog traffic tips back in May 2003.

- I once shared four ways to optimize your business blog.

- January 2005.  Brian Bailey.  Building a Better Blog.  Read it.  Please.

- I did a fun one recently called "The 23 Most Critical URLs Where You Should Submit Your Blog or Feed."

- And another one called "Seven Essential Traits of Highly Effective Business Bloggers."

- The inimitable - well, many do imitate him, so let's say, the matchless Seth Godin: How to get traffic to your blog.

- Paul Stamatiou shares oodles of blog promotion ideas.

- At Performancing, Markus Merz whips up 10 tips for more blog traffic.

Yes - traffic alone means very little or nothing.  But if you've got a good cause or good content of some kind, and you want as many people as possible to know about it, these tips should help you.  If you're hungry for more, just let me know.

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Hi Easton.

Thanks for sharing these links. You rightly said about the uselessness of link popularity without quality content. In this regard, the truly valuable link popularity manifests itself when you people revisit your blogs, and visit again and again.

Great list there!

Thanks for sharing my article about the side kicks which will definitely bring additional traffic. The flashy title "10 tips for more blog traffic" was not the original one :-)

Thanks for the comments, Amrit, Greg and Markus. I thought you'd like that, Markus. ;)

@Easton: You can be sure that I like that as much as I like side kicks as one of my favorite subjects regarding site promotion :-)

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