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5 Tips on How to Give Your Blog Posts a Magic Middle
Even with a bang-bang beginning and a Hollywood ending, your blog posts can suffer from a meatless middle.  On the other hand, a well-written middle section can enhance a post's impact immeasurably. Here are 5 tips on how to make a magic middle in your blog posts:

1. Think meat and potatoes.  Readers are like restaurant patrons.  They like succulent appetizers (great headlines and intro paragraphs), and they enjoy sumptuous desserts (awesome endings) ... but their main source of nourishment will be the middle of your blog posts.  Keep this in mind as you write.

2. Transitions are crucial.  No matter how smooth the train tracks are at the beginning and end of a railroad journey, the train won't get where it needs to go unless the switches are all carefully laid and thrown.  In other words, make sure the last sentence of your first paragraph connects smoothly with the first sentence of the next.  Similarly, make sure your post's midsection flows naturally into your concluding paragraph.

Roasted Chicken Dinner.jpg3. Make your theme abundantly clear.  Repetition can be extremely powerful when used properly.  Saying something again in different words can drive a point home with extra force.  (Shall I say it again?)  Avoid redundancy, but don't hesitate to reinforce your main argument or point.

4. Read your post carefully before publishing it.  It's easy to get trigger-happy with a blog.  Before you squeeze the posting trigger, take a deep breath and consider how satisfying your post is to consume.  Still hungry when it's over?  Then you might want to insert a few more helpful chunks of information.

5. Whatever you do, overdeliver.  Let's go back to the restaurant for a moment.  How do you like it when you pay full price for half a meal?  On the other hand, how do you feel when you can take home an extra helping to eat the next day?  Such is blogging.  Offer your readers an irresistible taste in the headline and intro of your post, and then serve up a middle section that's so meaty and rich that they'll feel full by the time they finish.

I hope these 5 blogging tips enhance your middle - and I'm not talking about trading that spare tire in for washboard abs!

What techniques do you use to ensure that your readers find your posts magical from start to finish?

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Great post.

Favorite repeated line from Otto (Kevin Kline)in "A Fish Called Wanda":

What was the middle thing again?

Another reason to pay attention in English class in school - it can help you with Blogging later in life.

Great post, too! We all need a reminder to slow down and look at what we write from time to time.

Great post, Easton. But seriously -- *WHERE* in God's name did you get that poultry photo? Looks like it's basted with Red Dye #2.

(Sorry! Couldn't resist!)

: )

It's a purple cow, Ann! Work with me here!

Okay, so it's a very weird-looking chicken. I got it copyright-free from Stock.XCHNG - the picture, that is, not the chicken :). (Although knowing the way I cook ...)

Thanks for your nice comments, Brian and Char. This little snippet from English class is just a taste compared to the full-course meal you'd get at Brian's blog. I'm always looking up the authors he quotes.

Nice meaty post, Easton. But I have to agree with Ann about the red chicken ;)

I'm especially fond of # 4 - Read your post carefully. I like to write my drafts in the morning, then let them marinate for a few hours. Then I go back, edit the obvious junk, and then let it rest before re-reading and final editing. Longer posts I'll have my wife read, just to get another set of eyes on it.

But I also have to know when to just publish the thing. Like a piece of art, a post may never be "finished." We may have to just go with polished, clear, and readable.

Thanks, Tony :).

I've started marinating my posts more (I know, enough with the cooking references Easton!), with ... savory results.

Polished doesn't have to mean perfect. Great tip. You should post about that! :)

LOL, I love #3...

Thanks Robyn!

Your culinary example to drive home the importance of the middle portion of the blog posts is simply superb, Easton! To fill it (middle portion) with borrowed extracts can as well spoil the full-course meal. Is it not?

Well said, Satish!

Excellent topic! Lately there have been TONS of posts about writing headlines. Nobody is talking about the middle. Much needs to be said. Nice chicken photog, too!

Thanks Brad!

Excellent. There is always so much talk about that first sentence/paragraph but often I find posts with no value, but a great first line, kwim?? It's a challenge too, not every post is perfect, but this is great! Our how-to is up as well if you'd like to check it out!!

Great tips, Easton. Another I'd add is to use active verbs. Active verbs make the difference between humdrum and magic.

Thanks for your comments, MamaDuck and Robyn. MamaDuck, I'm off to check out that link right now!

I am so using the phrase "trigger happy blogger".

Or THB for short, I guess!

Great post, it's hard to find something new these days, especially if you keep reading in the same circles..but this is a keeper!

good job

simple, but something worth thinking about.. makes me hungry too!

Thanks ming :)

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