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Sep 1
Blogtipping Day September 2006: 100 Words, 3 Blogtippees
I Love BlogtippingThis blogtipping post embraces minimalism.  (My May, June, July and August escapades were verbose.)  Possible in 100 words?

Aaron Brazell at Technosailor
1 - Everything screams "unique."
2 - And "crazy geeky cool."
3 - Your personality is crystal-clear.
Tip: Link each post's byline to your bio.

Antonella Pavese
1 - Nice archive on blogging.  (Where's part four?)
2 - You highlight recent posts well.
3 - Simple category list.
Tip: Link to your feed near the top of each page.

Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users
1 - Incredibly effective images.
2 - "Past Favorites" = genius!
3 - Design epitomizes minimalism.
Tip: Make post headlines permalinks.

Enjoy these blogs and tips!

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I have done some Blogtipping over at my blog today. May I use your blog tipping graphic in my post? I will link back to this site.

Absolutely, Char. In fact, I've got four free blogtipping icons available for you to use.

I plan to link to you in an upcoming post reviewing who's gone blogtipping this month. This is just a simple way to remind ourselves at the beginning of the month that we don't live in a vacuum, that there are others out there who could use a link, some praise and some advice. Thanks for participating :)

Thanks, Easton. Can you clarify my tip? Link to my about page?

I like your blog and the blog tipping thing is great. I plan to link you to my own blog and that's the best tip I can give anyone....link, link, link!

I did my first Blog Tipping today. Hopefully I did it right! I love the idea!

Aaron, you're right - I meant your about page. Thanks for adding a very balanced perspective to a lot of issues.

Susan and Sharla, nice to meet you both and do stop by again sometime. I'm going to check out your blogs now!

Easton - life got away from me for a few days but I did a bit of my own blog tipping this morning. Now I'm off to check out the blogs you discovered along with us! :-)

Great, Tammy!

I would like to participate in blogtipping. What's the best way to find good blogs to consider for evaluation? Should I give the blog host a "heads up" that I'm considering reviewing them on my site?

Marshall, you can do whatever you want! I personally like to surprise my blogtippees, though - adds to the fun of it, I think.

A great way to find blogs in your niche that you can blogtip is to use Technorati's Blog Finder. Andother great way is simply to search Technorati for the latest blog posts mentioning a keyword or phrase that you use a lot on your own blog.

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