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Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: General Electric (GE)
This post is part of a series covering Fortune 500 corporate blogs.  Today we'll take a look at the #7 Fortune 500 company, General Electric (NYSE: GE).

GE has a relatively well-known blog called From Edison's Desk - Global Research Blog (feed).  It has not been claimed in Technorati, which is a shame.  But 40 blogs have linked to it in the past six months, according to Technorati.  That's a respectable number.

I like From Edison's Desk.  You should check it out.  Whether or not you're into ginormous offshore wind turbines and other such geekery (I happen to think it's cool stuff), you should at least study the tone and functionality of this blog.  There are photos.  There are videos.  You can leave comments.  Your comments get answered.  The blog sounds sincere.  It's - gasp - actually USEFUL.

The GE website has a nice little "GE on Demand" area offering free audio and video podcasts and a few news feeds:

GE Featured Stories feed
GE Press Releases feed

Otherwise, GE seems blog-poor.

Of course, GE owns NBC, which has lots of blogs - for example:

Last Comic Standing Producers' Blog
Project Runway Ultimate Fan Blog

Well, what do you think?  What you like about GE's research blog?  How do you think GE might benefit by having another corporate blog?

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Easton - I agree on the tone, functionality and voice of the GE blog....it's pretty good. The "edison's desk" name is great, too...it's a warm, very human name.

Which is why I'm disappointed in the design (gray and boring) and the URL (www.grcblog.com). Couldn't they buy edisonsdesk.com or fromedisonsdesk.com...? Either of those are far more user-friendly and memorable.

Excellent suggestions, Ann! Why didn't I think of that? :) Great to see you here and do please stop by again!

Thanks for the great idea - now you can get to the Global Research Center blog in any one of three ways: http://www.edisonsdesk.com , http://www.fromedisonsdesk.com and http://www.grcblog.com !

Sweet! Thanks for listening Simon - and great suggestion, Ann.

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