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Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: International Business Machines (IBM)
As I plow forward with my series about Fortune 500 corporate blogs, I'll look today at the blogs of the #10 Fortune 500 company, International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM).

My poking around suggests that IBM is by far the "bloggiest" of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies.  (At least some Fortune 500 companies care about blogs!)  Need proof?  Behold the IBM DeveloperWorks blog portal.  I can't elaborate right now because it's a colossal cave and I'm just a bat in diapers (figuratively speaking).  In other words, I've barely discovered it.  (Although I now see that I got near the mouth of this cave before.)  But please do check it out and admire the sheer volume of blog content available at IBM's corporate website.

Smiley Face Computer Man.jpgRead the IBM blogging policy and see what you think.  Would you use it for your business?  (I sure would - at least as a template, if not verbatim!)

Like Mr. Happy Computer Head at right, I'm pleased at the moment - after all, I've actually found a bloggy Fortune 500 company!

(Bloggy - adj. Blog-savvy, blog-coated, blog-filled, blog-flavored, or emitting a bloggish scent.)

Bonus link: I came across this in my searching.  IBM's Todd "Turbo" Watson discusses how to fight blog spam.  (Don't get me started on how much I hate the stuff!)

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Todd Watson's bit is an example from ShortCuts, an IBM podcast that is a great example of how companies can use blogs and podcasts. The focus is on education versus pitching products, which makes it more useful to their audience. Besides the usual RSS feeds, they have a link to pick up the podcast in iTunes. Nicely done.

Thanks for that link, Nathan!

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