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Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: #1-10 Recap
So I've taken some time to dip my toes into the blogging pools of the 10 largest Fortune 500 companies.  Some of those pools are brimming with blogging fish, while others are sparsely populated.  I found the water more welcoming in some pools than in others.  Finally, some of these giant corporations may have no pools at all.

Time will tell what changes these business make regarding corporate blogging.

My Fortune 500 corporate blog reviews so far (and my knee-jerk reaction for each company):
1. ExxonMobil - Yawn
2. Wal-Mart - Ugly
3. General Motors Part 1 and Part 2 - Otay
4. Chevron - Mysterious
5. Ford - Iffy
6. ConocoPhillips - Nonexistent
7. General Electric - Aha!
8. Citigroup - Who?
9. AIG - Barf
10. IBM - Hallelujah!

You didn't think I'd stop at 10, did ya?  I've got some exciting plans on where to go from here.  Stay tuned!

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Great start, Easton.

What are your predictions as you move on? Do you think you'll find more or less as the companies get smaller?

Genius link, Robyn - thanks!

Great question, Owen. I don't think we'll find more - well, maybe a tiny bit - as we go down the list. But I do think we'll see a strong correlation between company type and blogging involvement. So the Chevrons and the ExxonMobils and the AIGs are less likely to blog than the IBMs and Dells and Suns.

But that's just me talking. I'm curious to dive into this whole thing a lot deeper. So stay tuned :).

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