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Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: ConocoPhillips
Continuing my series looking at Fortune 500 companies' use (or non-use, or even mis-use) of corporate blogs, the corporation du jour is ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), number 6 on the Fortune 500 list.

For starters, the company's name is easy to misspell, and my first recommendation for ConocoPhillips is to buy ConocoPhilips.com and make it redirect users to its website, ConocoPhillips.com.  Kapish?

My digging was fruitless.  I'm quite sure ConocoPhillips does not have any official, public-facing business blogs.  Very few blogs even talk about ConocoPhillips on a regular basis.Technorati Chart

The Technorati chart at right shows mentions of "ConocoPhillips" per day by blogs in the last 30 days.  As you can see, there's not much "there" there.

Which goes to show that in 2006, it's still very possible for a multi-billion dollar company to have little or no involvement in blogging.  I suppose that in ConocoPhillips's case, this may be due more to the nature of its products and services ("Hey, let's blog about oil" ... yawn) than to any internal corporate opposition to the use of blogs.

The ConocoPhillips website is boring anyway.

Any suggestions for ConocoPhillips regarding corporate blogging?  Before you comment, just be aware that probably nobody from ConocoPhillips will ever see what you write here.  That is, unless they start reading blogs!

So, on with our secret little conversation.  I'm listening. :)

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