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Blogtipping October 2006: 3 Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging
Quick!  What do the following people have in common?  Jeremiah Owyang, Liz Strauss, Trevor Cook, Darren Rowse, Paul Chaney, Amy Gahran, Mark White, Christopher Salazar, David Meerman Scott, Claudio Bravo, Luis Rull Munoz, Luis Suarez, Jim Turner, Debbie Weil, Aaron Brazell, Antonella Pavese and Kathy Sierra.

A. They are intelligent.
B. They are bloggers.
C. They've all been blogtipped by yours truly.
D. They're off the hook this month! (My hook, at least.)
E. All of the above. (<--- pick me pick me pick me)

... Somehow I knew you would choose the right answer.

Now then - let the blogtipping commence!

Blogtippee #1:
Blog Republic (feed) by Darren McLaughlin and company

1. Great blog logo.  Huge.  Bold.  Direct.  Plus it has a sweet eagle.

2. Fantastic post headlines.  They constantly suck me into your posts.  And they're appropriately descriptive.

3. Meaty blogging tips strewn all over the place.  Perusing your blog is like strolling through Candyland for this hungry blogger.

Tip: Share some dirt for us numbers-hungry readers - traffic, feed subscribers, etc.  We want to know how you've made your blog grow so fast!

Small Yellow Blogtipping IconBlogtippee #2: CorpBlawg (feed) by Cornelius Puschmann

1. Awe-inspiring posts.  Every blogger interested in corporate blogging should read your blog.  Your writing is concise, intelligent and unique.

2. Sweet blogroll.  Those looking to research corporate blogs should have a close look.  I didn't know about many of those blogs.

3. You enrich conversations.  You use your blog to sound off on what works and what doesn't in corporate blogging, and you're quick to link and respond to what others are saying on the same subject.

Tip: Include relevant keywords in your post headlines as frequently as possible. e.g. instead of "Authorship Matters," try something like, "Corporate Blog Authorship Matters: Thoughts on CEO Ghostblogging."  That way more people interested in your blog topic are likely to find your posts.

Bonus tip: Insert graphics in your posts whenever possible.  (I'm such a hypocrite, I know.)  You have such incredible content - I wish everyone knew about you!

Blogtippee #3: Practical Blogging (feed) by Robyn Tippins (AKA Master of 1,000 Blogs)

1. Tricked-out design.  Okay, so you keep it simple - but I do like all the sidebar bling and the genius logo and feed icon.  A great template for other bloggers to emulate.

2. A plethora of social bookmarking options.  With cute little icons.  Smartly placed at the end of each post.

3. Your opinion shines through.  Your "newsy" posts are always worth reading because you inject the color of your personal perspective into the black-and-white news.

Tip: More screencasts and/or explanations of how to succeed at video blogging (I know you're an expert).

And there you have it, folks!  Thanks for following my blogtipping exploits this month.  You can go blogtipping, too - the first calendar day of each month is Blogtipping Day.  (I'm cheating a tiny bit, I know ... but don't I deserve some rest tomorrow?  Tipping bloggers ain't as easy as it seems!)

What praises and tips do you have for these three fine bloggers - Darren, Cornelius and Robyn?
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