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10 Quick Ways to Find Corporate Blogs
Whether or not you have a corporate blog, you should know how to find company blogs on the Web.  The more quickly you can locate blogs, the faster you can use them to your advantage.

Here are 10 quick ways to find corporate blogs:

1. Use Google to search the company's website for "blog" and variants (weblog, blogs, etc.). e.g. Honda: [site:honda.com blog].

2. Search Google for the company's name along with the phrase "corporate blog" or "official blog." e.g. GM.

3. Search the Technorati blog directory for blogs about the company. e.g. Honda.

4. Search Technorati for blog posts mentioning both the phrase "corporate blog" and the company name. e.g. Honda.

5. Search Technorati for blog posts tagged with both the phrase "corporate blogging" and the company name. e.g. IBM.

6. Search the Yahoo! Directory for the company name along with the word "blog." e.g. GM.

7. Check the Summary section of the company's Google Finance page for corporate blog listings. e.g. Honda (none), GM (one).

8. Check the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki if you're looking for blogs by a Fortune 500 company.

9. Ask for help.  Ask any "corporate blogging" blogger.  I'd personally love to assist you in your research, and so would dozens of other bloggers I know.

10. Contact the company directly and ask if it has any blogs!  Tell 'em you plan to blog about your findings. e.g. Verizon.

BinocularsHow did you like these 10 tips?  What other methods do you use to find corporate blogs?

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    Just a heads up.........your profile page is down so emailing you about corporate blogs is impossible

    Thanks! A few days ago I moved my profile, and I forgot to change the link in my post bylines accordingly.

    Do you have a list of car companies that have official blogs? I know of Toyota, Chrysler and GM...are there others?


    Leave another comment with your email or URL and I'll get back to you. Thanks!

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