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Fortune 500 Blog Discovery: Your Energy Forum by Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls (#75 in the Fortune 500; NYSE: JCI) has a blog called Your Energy Forum, which launched amid extremely little fanfare back in July 2006.  I'll add it to the F500BP.

Your Energy Forum has only five published posts.  The first post is dated July 25, 2006.  There are a few scattered comments here and there, but it seems somewhat lonely.

It does have a FeedBurner feed - very unusual for a corporate blog by such a large company.

Go check it out - let's pool together some qualitative thoughts!  Like/dislike?  Does Johnson Controls have a good thing going with Your Energy Forum?

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Easton I completely forgot about that website. I had a reporter Greenwire call me back in the summer and he was writing a post about how companies can start a blog, and he mentioned the then just-launched blog for Johnson Controls, and he wanted to know what I thought of it. At the time I think it only had one post, and I told him that it was simply too early to tell, that if they used it as a tool to communicate and build their community, that it could work for them.

I just checked and you're right, 5 posts in 4 months is NOT going to get it done. They need that many every WEEK.

Again, it seems like a good idea, and if Johnson Controls would actually COMMIT to the blog, and take the time necessary to grow their community, it could be a worthwhile initiative.

But a post a month? They are almost doing more harm than good with that posting rate, IMO.

Thanks Mack. Glad to know you've seen that blog before and sad to see Johnson Controls sort of leave it stranded. You're right - a poorly-done blog (ahem WALMART ahem ahem) is worse than no blog in many cases.

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