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Fortune 500 Blog Project: Sign Up Now!
I am thrilled to announce the Fortune 500 Blog Project, hosted by Blog Business Summit.  Its purpose is to examine and evaluate corporate blogs by Fortune 500 companies - how many blogs each company has, how effectively it uses its blogs and responds to other blogs, etc.

The project website is a wiki where volunteers will share what they learn.  Working together, we hope to paint a clearer picture of Fortune 500 corporate blogging.  Perhaps by year's end we can collect data on all 500 companies!

To participate, you simply register at the wiki, sign up to research a company, do a little research, post your findings at your blog, and link to your post(s) from the wiki.  That way everyone will have easy access to each other's research.

This is a non-profit, volunteer project.  You may ask, "So what's in it for me?"  First, the thrill of helping to complete a massive project.  Second, link love and Google juice.  Third, my undying appreciation :).  I'm sure you can think of other benefits.  This is meant not to be an ending, but rather a beginning - a springboard for future research on business blogging.

You may already know about the fine Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.  The Fortune 500 Blog Project is similar in that it hopes to identify as many public-facing corporate blogs by Fortune 500 companies as possible, but it differs primarily in that it also aims to offer qualitative reviews of all identified blogs.  I love what others have already found, and I hope that a bunch of us working together can shed new light on the subject.

/2006/10/Team_of_Hands_Working_Together.jpgSo ... will you help me?
1. Create an account right now.
2. Subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed to get project updates.
3. See the user list to discover others who care about corporate blogging.
4. Research as many companies as you can!

Examples of research posts:
#7: General Electric
#49: Intel

Questions or comments?  I'm all ears.  Let's roll!

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Congratulation on the launch of the project, I think this is a very worthwhile effort.

I noticed the project wiki was down, do you need another wiki to host?

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